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S3, Kaźmierzów. The driver ignored the warning signs and hit another car hard [nagranie z wypadku]

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The accident of three cars on the S3 expressway near Kaźmierzów (Lower Silesia) was recorded by a car camera placed in the car of the man who witnessed the incident. You can see how the driver of a Mercedes, approaching the narrowing on the road, practically does not slow down and stabs at the back of a standing Audi at high speed.

The accident took place on Sunday, August 29, on the S3 expressway near Kaźmierzów (Dolnośląskie Voivodeship). According to the spokesman of the Polkowice police, Przemysław Rybicki, the Mercedes driver ran over the back of an Audi, which hit another Mercedes car as a result of an impact. The 77-year-old and 71-year-old from the first Mercedes were released from the hospital after helping them. The Audi driver suffered general bruises. The driver of the second Mercedes was not seriously injured.

Cars collided on the S3 expressway112polkowice.com.pl

We wrote about the event in the context of the irresponsible behavior of other drivers who, not wanting to be in a traffic jam, turned back on the expressway and drove upstream along the corridor of life. It was recorded by firefighters from the Volunteer Fire Department Zagrodno, who accidentally found an accident returning from the sea, from a firefighting group.

– There are only a few cars in the film, but before I started the recording, there were still about 50 of them. We saw how the Volunteer Fire Department had to stop, because a dozen cars were going against the current in the corridor. Such behavior of drivers is a mockery of the regulations – said Damian Zajdel from OSP Zagrodno.

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The drivers turned back and went against the flow along the corridor of lifeOSP Zagrodno

Recorded moment of the accident

We come back to the topic because another movie appeared on the web, this time from the accident itself. The recording consists of two cameras mounted behind the windshield and rear window of the car, which is the closest to the three cars in the collision.


In the video, you can see a Mercedes driver approaching other vehicles at high speed in the left lane, ignoring or not noticing the signs warning of the constriction on the expressway. Mercedes hits an Audi, which falls on the side by force of an impact, onto energy-consuming barriers.

One of the drivers recorded the moment of the accidentprivate archive

– It was as if the Mercedes driver was targeting this Audi. It seems to brake, has a lot of space to hide on the right lane, turns on it, but still runs into it at high speed. It was an older man, but he was driving really fast – relates the author of the recording.

The man, along with other people, pulled the accident participants out of their cars before the emergency services arrived at the site.

– I stopped to the side and with a few other people we took care of the people with the Audi. There were two people inside, badly bruised but fastened with belts. We dragged them outside. Other witnesses took care of the older couple from the Mercedes. The Lord got off alone, but the woman was unable to do so, she had to be helped. After about seven or eight minutes, the firefighters arrived and took care of the injured. I managed to clean up some debris from the street and went on – says the witness of the incident.

Main photo source: private archive

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