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S3, Lubin-Polkowice. She caused a collision, then she walked along the expressway. She was under the influence of drugs

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A 29-year-old resident of Lower Silesia led to a collision on the S3 expressway. Afterwards, she got out of her car and, grasping the door handles of passing vehicles, tried to stop the other drivers. The woman was helped by a paramedic who noticed what was happening on the road. It turned out that the 29-year-old was under the influence of drugs. She was arrested and lost her driving license.

A 29-year-old resident of Lubin was driving on the express road towards Polkowice. – At one point, for unknown reasons, a woman stopped her car in the right-hand lane. Other vehicles were bypassing her, but the driver suddenly started abruptly and, changing the lane, hit a passing Volkswagen – reports Sylwia Serafin from the police in Lubin. And he adds that the maneuver of the Nissan driver ended in a collision with the car of a 36-year-old Canadian citizen.


She got out of the car, walked on S3

After the collision, the 29-year-old got out of her car. – She tried to stop the cars heading towards Polkowice by tugging at their door handles. This behavior resulted in the fact that she was pulled by one car and fell to the ground – says the policewoman. However, this did not stop the woman. – Limping, she crossed to the opposite lane and tried to stop vehicles heading towards Legnica. Thus, it posed a threat to itself and to other traffic participants – emphasizes Serafin.

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She caused a collision, then walked on S3. She was under the influence of drugsLubin police

What was happening on the road was noticed by a paramedic passing by. The man stopped and stopped the woman from further risky behavior. He also informed the police about the case. – Pre-medical aid was given to the 29-year-old on the spot. The woman was unnaturally agitated, did not react to light, and answered questions incoherently and illogically – describes the policewoman. The driver of the Nissan said that she stopped the car on the side of the road because she felt unwell. She was also supposed to convince uniformed people that she was traveling with her three-year-old daughter. – She maintained that she had abandoned the child while driving, and then that it was in the trunk. Fortunately, the child was not in the car. It turned out that the woman’s daughter was in the care of her grandmother – reports the policewoman.

Police: she was under the influence of drugs, tried to swallow another one

The 29-year-old was sober. However, the narcotic tester showed amphetamine and methamphetamine in her system. And as Serafin says, the policemen also seized drugs that the woman tried to swallow during the investigation at the scene. A resident of Lubin was detained. Her driving license was also seized. The woman will be responsible for driving while under the influence of drugs and causing a traffic accident. And the court – as announced by the police – will also look at the family situation of the 29-year-old and how she takes care of the child.

Main photo source: Lubin police

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