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S6 Bożepole Wielkie – Lesnice. The construction of the next section of S6 in Pomerania may start – GDDKiA announcement

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The construction of another section of the S6 expressway from Bożepole Wielki to Leśnice near Lębork in the Pomeranian Voivodeship may start. The Pomeranian Voivode issued a decision on the permit for the implementation of the road investment (ZRID). The first vehicles are to drive the approximately 22-kilometre section in 2025.

GDDKiA informed in a Thursday communiqué that the decision to authorize the implementation of the road investment, with the rigor of immediate feasibility, allows for the commencement of construction works in the field.

The contractor is Budimex. The contract for the implementation of this investment was signed on July 29, 2021. The total amount of the contract – from the design to obtaining the occupancy permit – will amount to over PLN 960 million.

According to the plans of GDDKiA, the first vehicles will travel on the new route in 2025.

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S6 Bożepole Wielkie – Lesnice

The S6 expressway between Leśnice near Lębork and Bożepole Wielki will be a dual carriageway with two traffic lanes in each direction and an emergency stop lane. The following junctions will be built along the approximately 22 km long route: Lębork Południe, Lębork Wschód, Łęczyce, and the Bożepole Wielkie junction will be expanded.

“Thanks to the construction of the expressway, the journey along this section of the S6 will be shortened by half, and the safety and comfort of driving will be improved. The route will be a major investment stimulus for the adjacent areas, ensuring their connection through junctions with the expressway network” – indicated the road builders.

On Thursday, in the building of the provincial office in Gdańsk, the Pomeranian Voivode Dariusz Drelich handed over the ZRID decision to the deputy director of the Gdańsk branch of GDDKiA, Waldemar Chejmanowski. The permit for the implementation of the road investment also includes the construction of the Lębork bypass.


Compensation procedure

Representatives of GDDKiA pointed out that the issuance of the ZRID decision with the rigor of immediate enforceability defines the boundaries of the land to be taken over for the construction of the road and enables the commencement of the compensation procedure for the properties taken over for the State Treasury.

They emphasized that the administrative proceedings aimed at determining the amount of compensation would be conducted by the Pomeranian Voivode. Independent experts appointed by him – property appraisers – will estimate the value of the property, which will be the basis for issuing a compensation decision.

The compensation decision will be the basis for GDDKiA to pay compensation for the properties taken over.

Construction of S6 in Pomerania

The construction of the S6 expressway was divided into several stages. At the end of last year, three sections of the S6 expressway between Bożepole Wielki and Gdynia, with a length of approximately 42 km, were commissioned.

Road S6 on the section Bożepole Wielkie – Gdynia Wielki KackPAP/Adam Warżawa

Other tasks as part of the new S6 expressway between Gdynia and Słupsk, which is under construction, include the construction of an almost 11-km section from the Leśnice junction to the Skórowo junction, which will cost almost PLN 450 million. The next stage will be the construction of an over 13 km section of the road from the Skórowo junction to the Bobrowniki junction, the construction of which will cost over PLN 413 million.

After the completion of these investments, a section will be built from the Bobrowniki junction to the end of the Słupsk bypass. The cost of building over 16 km of road was estimated at over PLN 725 million. Finally, road builders will build a second carriageway of the Słupsk ring road, over 9.5 km long. This investment is to cost over PLN 196 million.

Representatives of GDDKiA reported that the ZRID decision has not yet been issued for the construction of these sections. However, they assure that decisions should be issued in the first half of this year.

The construction of the entire S6 expressway from Bożepol Wielki to Słupsk will cost over PLN 2.7 billion.

Main photo source: PAP/Adam Warżawa

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