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S7 Bialobrzegi. He overtook two trucks in the turning lane. Recording

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The truck driver sent the editorial office of Kontakt 24 a recording of a dangerous situation on the S7 route near Białobrzegi. When our reader was overtaking another truck, the passenger car driver decided to make the same maneuver, but … in the right turn lane. Then he braked sharply.

– When I start overtaking, firstly I do it in a place where I can, and secondly, I always make sure that there is a passenger car behind me. Surely no one was there at the time, so I decided to do this maneuver. I was driving around 88/89 km/h, overtaking was smooth and didn’t last long. I didn’t expect what I saw next. I was finishing overtaking, and then a passenger car overtook two trucks on the right, in the turning lane. He was driving 150, maybe 200 kilometers per hour, and then braked sharply – the driver reported in an interview with Kontakt 24.

He added that he managed to slow down, but – in his opinion – the situation could have ended in an accident. – I was driving a car with 20 tons of goods, it is not easy to brake quickly. I could have hit the guard rails, the truck next to me, or the back of a passenger car. If someone was following me at high speed, it could have ended tragically. I understand that you can rush, but you have to think. To me, this behavior is an example of a lack of imagination. I have been driving professionally for eight years and this is the first time I have seen such a situation. This time it ended on nerves, but it could have ended tragically. I sent the recording to the police mailbox Stop road aggression – said the driver.

Kontakt24, tvnwarszawa.pl

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Main photo source: boyar / Contact 24

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