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S7. The transplant team was on the signal. Another car cut him off. VIDEO

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The left lane of the S7 route was followed by a transplant team from one of Warsaw hospitals. At one point another car crashed into the hood of a speeding ambulance. It is not known why the person driving the car suddenly decided to change lanes. We received a recording of a dangerous event at Contact 24.

Mr. Cezary works as a driver in the transplant team. It was he who shared with the editorial office of Kontakt 24 a recording showing the dangerous situation on the S7 route. The incident took place on August 17 in the early morning, the road was almost empty. The ambulance moves in the left lane, into which another car suddenly rolls down (probably without a turn signal, but the quality of the film made in the rain does not allow to say for sure). The ambulance driver brakes sharply to avoid a collision, he escapes into the green belt.

They went to Krakow to pick up the organs

– This situation happened between Radom and Skarżysko-Kamienna before 6 o’clock. I was driving at a speed of about 150 kilometers per hour in the left lane. The vehicle was driving on signals and suddenly another car crashed into my lane. I had to pull over to the side of the road, it was wet. Until I’m surprised that nothing happened, it should bring me to one side. I caught up with this car later – he reported in an interview with Kontakt24.

As the reader added, two people were supposed to travel by car. “I don’t know why they took the second lane because nothing was going in the right-hand lane,” he said.

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Mr. Cezary has been in the transplant team for five years. – There are often dangerous situations. People cannot see our vehicle, they cannot hear the signals. However, this situation was the most dangerous. We traveled from Warsaw to Krakow to collect organs. We managed to get to Krakow on time – summed up.

Every minute counts for rescuers

This is not the first situation we have shown in which drivers hinder the passage of emergency cars. In mid-July, we described how an ambulance driver reported traveling on the A1 motorway. Mr. Bogusław was taking a young patient for a transplant. As he said, it was a torment. Other drivers they did not create the corridor of lifeand the barrier was closed. He lost half an hour to break through the traffic jams, and the doctors who were ready to perform the surgery were waiting for the patient to be transported from the south of Poland to Gdańsk.

The transplant ambulance with the transplant patient lost nearly half an hour14.07 | The ambulance driver described the route he had taken with a patient who urgently had to undergo a transplant. It was a painful road – the drivers did not create the corridor of life, the barrier on the motorway was closed, and at that time the patient’s life was at risk.Bogusław / Contact 24

We also described a story from January, from the route between Żnin and Szubin in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, where a traffic jam had formed due to an accident. There was an ambulance on the way, which many drivers did not give priority on the route. The ambulance had to squeeze through other cars. The recording was sent to us by a paramedic who indicated that the crew took a few minutes longer than it could to get there.

The ambulance had to squeeze between the cars21.01 | A paramedic sent us a video of a traffic jam caused by an accident the ambulance was going to. Unfortunately, many drivers did not give it priority by creating the so-called corridor of life.tvn24

Kontakt24, tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Czarek / Contact 24

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