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S7 Warsaw-Kiełpin. Environmental decision for construction maintained, “green light to obtain financing”

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The General Director for Environmental Protection upheld the environmental decision for the construction of the S7 expressway Warsaw – Kiełpin – handed over by the Warsaw branch of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways. This gives road workers the green light to obtain financing for the investment.

According to the information provided by the spokeswoman for the Warsaw branch of GDDKiA Małgorzata Tarnowska, the General Director for Environmental Protection considered appeals against the environmental decision for the construction of the S7 expressway Warsaw – Kiełpin according to variant II. – GDOŚ upheld the environmental decision and made changes to it – emphasized Małgorzata Tarnowska.

– GDOŚ introduced changes to the environmental decision in the field of, among others, the location of the construction site, cutting down trees and shrubs that collide with the future route, checking – prior to the commencement of works – the construction area for the presence of animals, securing trees in the construction area against damage, ensuring special supervision by a herpetologist (researcher of amphibians and reptiles), carrying out environmental compensation, making a tight, double-sided steel mesh fence along the entire length of the road, as well as monitoring the passage for medium and large animals for five consecutive years from the moment the road is put into use – Tarnowska enumerated.


The work schedule is not yet known

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It submitted that it also obliged GDDKiA to carry out noise tests within 12 months from the date of putting the route into operation and submit its results to the Regional Director for Environmental Protection (RDOŚ) in Warsaw, the Marshal of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship and the Voivodeship Inspector for Environmental Protection in Warsaw within 18 months. from the date of putting the road into service.

– Moreover, GDOŚ refused to suspend the immediate execution of the decision by decision. At this stage of the appeal procedure, there were no premises that would oblige GDOŚ to suspend the immediate enforceability of the decision of RDOŚ in Warsaw – she emphasized.

As indicated by Tarnowska, the final environmental decision for the construction of S7 Warsaw – Kiełpin gives the green light to obtain financing for the investment. – We will be able to provide the timetable for its implementation after obtaining the funds. We are preparing the documentation necessary to announce the tender for the next stage of the investment – she said.

The course of the S7 expressway Warsaw – Kiełpin

– The future section of the S7 expressway between Kiełpin and Trasa Armii Krajowej in Warsaw, facilitating access to the capital from the north, will have three lanes in each direction, and in some places even four. The road will go through two tunnels through the heavily urbanized areas of Warsaw (Bemowo and Bielany). The route, approximately 12.9 kilometers long, will initially run along the existing railway track in Dziekanów Leśny. Then, behind the Kolejowa junction towards the Młociński Canal, it will be designed on an embankment – explained a spokeswoman for the Warsaw branch of GDDKiA.

She also emphasized that the road would continue along the eastern edge of the Kampinos National Park, up to the Wólka Węglowa junction: – Then, after Arkuszowa in Warsaw, the planned route will go down to tunnels – the first one is about 1000 meters long and the next one is about 1100 meters long. After exiting the tunnels, it will rise above the area above the S8 expressway.

– The Generała Maczek junction has been designed between the tunnels, and the NS junction is planned at the intersection of the S8 and S7 expressways. In addition to the tunnels mentioned above, there will also be viaducts, underground passages, pedestrian and bicycle footbridges and environmental protection devices, i.e. acoustic screens. The contractor will also build animal passages and fencing the route, she emphasized.

Access to the S7 route will be possible through the following junctions: Kolejowa, Wólka Węglowa, Generała Maczek and NS – a connection with the S8 Armii Krajowej Route.

The planned route of the S7 routeGDDKiA

We also informed about negative opinion of firefighters on the tunnel of the South Bypass of Warsaw:

Safety systems in the POW tunnelMateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: GDDKiA

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