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Sacramento County, California. An atmospheric river spilled over the region. One person is dead

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At least one person has died as a result of flooding in Sacramento County in northern California. According to meteorologists, the phenomenon may have been caused by the so-called atmospheric river. As experts explain, it is a weather system that carries huge amounts of moisture. This is not the end of the troubles the weather has for the region. More storms with heavy rains are coming.

Northern California fell prey to what is known as the atmospheric river. This is the name of the phenomenon, which is an extensive, short-lived wind tunnel that transports huge amounts of water vapor from warm ocean waters to land in mid-latitudes. It is formed as a result of narrow but very gusty wind streams. The atmospheric river moves at an altitude of about 1.5-2 kilometers above the Earth’s surface. Reaching land, it drops rapidly in the form of heavy rain or heavy snowfall.

The water took the driver away

It was the heavy rainfall that caused the Cosumnes River to overflow. Levees have broken in several places in Sacramento County. Pictures from the Wilton area show that the water flooded everything it encountered on its way. At least one person was killed in the flood, county officials said. It was a man who got stuck in a car that was swept away by water. The sunken vehicle was found by firefighters.

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Heavy rain also took its toll in California. According to the US National Weather Service (NWS), the rainfall record from 1994 was almost broken. In the city center, 138.43 liters of water per square meter fell.

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The forecasts are not optimistic

Flood alerts are in place for at least the rest of the day in northern California. Authorities have warned that there is still a huge risk of flash flooding – short-lived but devastating flooding. Weather forecasters also warn against the weather. According to forecasts for the coming hours, more may come to the region storms and downpours, which will only make the situation worse.

Residents of the most threatened areas were asked to evacuate to higher ground.

Main photo source: Reuters

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