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Safe loan 2 percent – a new program for young people is launched. “Poland and the World” on TVN24

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The Safe Credit 2 percent program starts on Monday – this is another government idea to improve the housing situation of young Poles. Who can get involved and under what conditions? For whom the entry into force of the program may be bad news? Material by Maciej Zalewski from the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

– In fact, I did not take a mortgage before, because I was renting an apartment all the time and I thought that it was still a period for me when I could safely afford it – said Wojciech Bartoszewski, who, entering his 30th summer vacation, begins to wonder above your apartment.

The plans coincide with the launch of the government’s Safe Credit 2 percent programme.

I have already consulted with a financial advisor. I learned a lot of things. I’m wondering if I should take advantage of this loan. I guess I need to get to know myself even more.”

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Safe credit 2 percent – rules

Let’s establish the basic facts. The Safe Credit 2 percent program is aimed at people who meet specific criteria.

The borrower must be under 45 and have never had a mortgage before. A single can borrow up to half a million. In the case of a borrower in a household with a spouse or child, the amount increases to PLN 600,000. Credit is possible without own contribution.

– These subsidies reduce our installment in such a way as if the interest rate was more or less 2 percent with a small catch – said Expander’s chief analyst Jarosław Sadowski.

The state is to contribute to the monthly installments for 10 years. – Considering, for example, a loan for PLN 300,000, I estimate that it will be about PLN 100,000. So with this maximum available loan amount of PLN 600,000, it can be about PLN 200,000 as a surcharge, Sadowski said.

Safe credit 2 percent – questions and answers

There are as many questions and doubts about the loan as there are interested parties. We collected your questions sent to the editorial office of Kontakt24 and went to a meeting with the Minister of Development and Technology, Waldemar Buda, to answer some of them.

Can I use this program and buy a flat for rent? – No, this program is not for renting an apartment that we will buy under this program – replied Buda.

Can I live in an apartment with my fiancée without losing subsidies with a loan for a single person? – Of course. Just living here is a condition, but if someone moves in, someone else lives, it is completely obvious. This is the creation of a basic social unit – replied the Minister of Development.

Can a Pole who permanently resides in another European Union country receive a Safe Credit 2 percent? – If we do not live here, then we do not qualify for the program, because the condition is to live in a given apartment. If we assume from the very beginning that we will not live in it, then we will not use this formula, this is not what this program is for – explained the head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Tourism.

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How many people will benefit from the program?

This is only a fraction of all the questions. According to the ministry’s estimates, approximately 200,000 people are to benefit from the program over the entire duration of the programme. There are no limits this year. Restrictions may appear on the development market.

– More or less, if for every 10 flats sold, developers introduce six or at most seven new offers that supplement the offer. So the general offer of flats in Poland is declining, despite the fact that we have the prospect of a Safe 2 percent loan, said Jarosław Jędrzyński, an expert of the portal Rynek-prowotny.pl.

In the housing triangle, every action between buyers, banks and developers generates a reaction that, according to experts, may also appear now.

– The situation of those people who have low or no creditworthiness at the moment to buy a flat will deteriorate. For them, this vision of their own apartment will go away, because housing prices will go up – pointed out the economist Prof. Marcin Kalinowski, WSB Merito University.

Housing policy is the apple of the eye of the Law and Justice camp. There have been many projects, including Mieszkanie Plus, which, as Waldemar Buda said, simply did not work out. Today, he assures that this time it will be different.

– Everything points to it. Of course, I do not want to jinx that this is a program that should enjoy popularity and should realistically solve the problems of Poles in the most difficult situation, i.e. buying the first apartment – said the Minister of Development.

According to the assumptions of the program, new loans will be granted until the end of 2027.

Main photo source: Robert Kneschke, Shutterstock

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