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Safe loan 2 percent PKO BP sends letters to intermediaries

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Credit intermediaries cooperating with PKO BP must submit applications for “2 percent safe credit” from customers to the bank by December 20; this restriction does not apply to PKO BP branches and some agencies, the bank said in a statement.

“Credit intermediaries cooperating with the bank must submit applications from customers to the bank by December 20, of which we informed the intermediaries in advance. Bank employees need time to verify the completeness of documents and register applications to ensure the reservation of budget subsidies for customers. Pursuant to the Act, the bank is obliged to register all applications for a Safe 2% loan submitted in 2023 by January 7, 2024. – the bank said in a statement sent to PAP Biznes.

PKO BP is waiting for BGK’s announcements

PKO BP announced that this restriction does not apply to bank branches servicing mortgage banking and some agencies that will accept applications without changes.

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The bank informed that regarding the possible end date of accepting applications for the Safe 2% loan. in 2024, PKO BP will adapt the proceedings to “communications from Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego”.

PKO BP has been participating in the government’s First Apartment program since its launch.

The bank previously informed that 30,000 were submitted as part of the “Safe Loan” offer at the end of September. applications, and at the beginning of November there were 38,000 of them. and the bank then concluded a 15,000 contracts.

BOŚ Bank announced the suspension of accepting applications

On Wednesday, December 13, BOŚ announced a temporary suspension of accepting applications for the “Safe 2% loan.”

“Due to the exhaustion of the limit of subsidies to the Safe 2% loan planned for 2023-2024 and the resulting possible decision of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego to suspend the acceptance of new applications by lending banks from January 8, 2024, Bank Ochrony Środowiska decided to temporarily suspending the acceptance of new applications for the Safe 2% loan as of December 29, 2023,” the announcement reads.

It was explained that this decision aims to ensure that the bank processes all applications submitted by then by January 7, 2024.

It was emphasized that this decision should not be interpreted as the bank’s withdrawal from the First Apartment program and the “Safe 2% loan” offer. It was added that if the program is continued in 2024, BOŚ intends to remain its active participant.

From July 3, “safe 2% loans”, i.e. loans with state subsidies for installments, can be granted by banks that have concluded agreements on this matter with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego. Currently, 13 banks have signed agreements to offer loans with state support, including PKO, Pekao, mBank, Alior and BOŚ.

More information can be found in: The bank stops accepting applications for a “safe loan”

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