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Saffrons. A trainee died in an accident at a railway crossing. Instructor appeals

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The driving school car, which stopped at the railway crossing in Szaflary (Małopolskie Voivodeship), was hit by a train. The examiner got off. An 18-year-old student died. The man was sentenced to 1.5 years in prison. Two appeals against this judgment have been filed.

This was confirmed by the spokesperson of the District Court in Nowy Sącz, Judge Bogdan Kijak. One of them was filed by the defense attorney of the accused, who demands that the sentence be changed and the examiner be acquitted.

The second appeal was filed by the auxiliary prosecutor’s attorney. – Demands that the accused be sentenced to imprisonment close to the maximum statutory threat resulting from the Penal Code. He also demands that the defendant deliberately violated the rules of road safety, said Judge Kijak.

Causing a fatal road accident carries a maximum sentence of eight years in prison.

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The District Court has not yet set a date for the appeal hearing.

First sentence

In September last year, an invalid decision was made before the District Court in Nowy Targ verdict for the examiner. The court then sentenced the 66-year-old to 1.5 years in prison and the payment of PLN 150,000. PLN compensation for the family of the deceased. The court found Edward R. guilty of failing to stop the car in front of an unguarded railway crossing and failing to help the deceased 18-year-old.

The court found that the defendant unintentionally violated the rules of road safety during the state practical driving test, being an examiner at the Małopolskie Ośrodek Ruchu Drogowego in Nowy Sącz.

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In the justification of the verdict, the court ruled that the man at the unguarded railway crossing, having an additional brake pedal, did not start the braking maneuver in a situation where the examined woman did not comply with the STOP road sign and the so-called St. Andrew’s Cross located before arrival. The car drove onto the tracks, even though the driver – also a trainee with an instructor – was beeping.

The court also banned the 66-year-old from practicing as a driving instructor and driving license examiner for five years and disqualified from driving a motor vehicle for two years.

At the railway crossing

To the tragic accident during the driving test took place at the end of August 2018 at an unguarded railway crossing in Szaflary near Nowy Targ. The car driven by an 18-year-old girl taking her driving test stopped at a railway crossing. After a while, a train driven by a train driver candidate drove into the vehicle.

The examiner managed to escape from the car before the collision, leaving the trainee in it. Despite rescue efforts, the woman died.

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