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Saffrons. The drill has started its work, in more than a year it will reach the hot springs. Seven kilometers underground

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The technological start-up of the drill, which is to drill into geothermal sources, has begun – informed Rafał Szkaradziński, the mayor of the Szaflary commune (Małopolskie Voivodeship). The world’s deepest geothermal borehole, reaching a depth of seven kilometers, is being built in this town. According to experts, it is to provide a practically inexhaustible source of renewable energy.

In Szaflary near Nowy Targ, the technological start-up of the drilling rig has begun the world’s deepest geothermal well, which will reach a depth of seven kilometers. By mid-2024, the drill is expected to drill to sources of hot water, the temperature of which reaches 180 degrees Celsius.

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The 60-meter drilling tower is located in Szaflary, right next to the popular zakopianka. The construction can be observed by travelers in the Tatra Mountains.

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Drilling tower in SzaflaryTVN24

Mayor: drilling will be carried out without interruption

Rafał Szkaradziński, the mayor of the Szaflary commune, emphasized that “the process of drilling the deepest geothermal well will be carried out without interruption until mid-2024”.

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– Interruptions in the drilling process will be caused, for example, by changing the size of the head to obtain the appropriate diameter of the drilled hole – noted the local government official.

It is assumed that the resources will be explored at three depths of approximately 3.5 kilometers, five kilometers and seven kilometers. The analysis of the data provided will make it possible to indicate the most advantageous variant of the exploitation of geothermal deposits.

Drilling tower in SzaflaryTVN24

A cheap and ecological source of energy

In March, the construction of the drilling tower, which will be used to create the world’s deepest geothermal well, was completed. Only some oil wells are longer.

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As experts point out, for the inhabitants of Podhale, the investment is an opportunity for a fully ecological, renewable energy source. – It is also a source of energy that is independent of everything that is happening on the world or European markets when it comes to the price of energy carriers – noted TVN24 reporter Maciej Stasiński in his report.

Water from hot springs is to be used to heat houses not only in Szaflary, but also in Bańska Niżna, Zaskale and Bór, and in Nowy Targ, whose inhabitants often struggle with serious smog. Heating with thermal water is an opportunity to reduce the use of coal furnaces, and thus also to improve air quality.

One pipe with hot water will be led to the houses, while another pipe will drain the already cooled water in the other direction. Thanks to this, the source will be practically inexhaustible.

The well will also serve as the first place in Poland to produce electricity from geothermal waters, supply the heating network for the energy needs of the inhabitants of four towns. The total investment cost is PLN 132 million.

Main photo source: TVN24

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