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Saharan dust in its apogee phase. How long will he stay with us?

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Hot air masses from Africa flowed into Poland, along with Saharan dust. On Kontakt 24 we received a photo from Krakow, where the sky became cloudy. Sunday is another day when this phenomenon accompanies us. How long will it stay with us?

The barometric situation on the continent – a deep and extensive low in the British Isles and a high pressure over Turkey – caused hot air masses from Africa to flow over Europe. – This situation has been going on for another day, so masses of warm air polluted with dust from the Sahara also reach Poland – tvnmeteo.pl forecaster Daniel Kowalczyk informed on Sunday. He added that the transport of dust over such long distances is facilitated by quite strong winds blowing directly to us from the south.

An additional factor contributing to dust reaching such long distances is the lack of rainfall that could wash the dust out of the air.

On Kontakt 24 we received a photo from Krakow, which shows that the sky has become cloudy.


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– The Saharan sand rose to certain heights and, with the help of strong jet streams flowing from the south, even came over the territory of Poland. This happens once every few years, sometimes even several times a year, but now we clearly have such a strong case of the inflow of this dust – said PaweĊ‚ Parzuchowski, head of the station of the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management in Zakopane and Kasprowy Wierch, in an interview with TVN24 on Saturday.

Where will there be the most dust?

According to the forecaster tvnmeteo.pl, the highest concentration of dust particles can be expected on Sunday in the south of the country. – Obviously, the further north you go, the more pollen will fall along the way – said Kowalczyk.

“According to forecasts, today we are observing the peak of the inflow of Saharan dust over Poland,” the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management wrote on Sunday on social media. It was added that dust, in addition to visible turbidity of the atmosphere, also affects the temperature – it is more difficult to reach high values. Why is this happening? As Kowalczyk said, dust clouds the atmosphere, creating a kind of barrier for sunlight.

– The sun does not “operate” as intensely as in a cloudless sky, it is slightly “dimmed”. Therefore, the air in the lower layers of the atmosphere does not heat up as much as it could if there was no dust – added the tvnmeteo.pl forecaster.

Yellow, dust-like residue. When will the dust from the Sahara leave Poland?

There will still be quite a lot of dust in eastern Poland on Monday. On this evening, a cloudy atmospheric front will enter Poland from the west. Its passage over the country will end the period of southern advection of air masses, and thus the transfer of Saharan dust over our country. The remaining particles in the air will be washed away by frontal precipitation.

As the weather forecaster told tvnmeteo.pl, Saharan dust may cause dirt resembling dust, but with a yellow tint, to appear on some surfaces.

Saharan dust reached Poland on Saturday. This is what it looked like over the Tatra Mountains:

Main photo source: andrzejg32

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