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Sakarya, Turkey. The dog recognized the police car, caught up with it and got something to eat

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For several weeks, a characteristic, stray dog ​​has been wandering around the western parts of the Turkish province of Sakarya. It turned out that the animal is smart enough to recognize a police car and ask for help. On Tuesday, the dog chased the vehicle, and when it stopped, it jumped up to beg the policemen for something to eat.

The policemen, who patrolled the western regions of the Turkish province of Sakarya on Tuesday, were shocked when they looked at the side window and saw a dog running behind the police car. The animal chased them for several dozen meters until they stopped the vehicle.

In a video posted on social media of the Sakarya Police Department, the animal jumps up to the window and asks the officers for something to eat.

He’s been wandering for several weeks now

The animal has been wandering around for several weeks. The police called him “Sari”, which means “yellow” in Turkish. During the patrols, they noticed the dog several times, but they did not think that the animal would recognize the car itself and chase them.

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The stray dog ​​was chasing the policeReuters

Main photo source: Reuters

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