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Salaries in IT 2023. No Fluff Jobs Analysis

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Salaries in the IT industry are still growing, but stabilization can be seen in the third quarter of 2023 – according to the latest data from No Fluff Jobs, a job portal that analyzed over 250,000 job offers.

The publication indicates that in the Frontend category (IT specialization involving the design of a user-friendly appearance and layout of applications and websites), the median salary range is PLN 16,000-22,000. PLN net – the same as in the earlier quarters of 2023.

In the DevOps category (IT specialization enabling effective cooperation between teams of programmers and IT specialists), median salaries increased in the first and second quarters of the year, but in the third quarter they returned to the level from the end of 2022 – PLN 18,000-25,000. PLN net.

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The report noted that in 2023, the number of candidates in the IT industry increased significantly – in the Frontend specialization, an average of 88 CVs were sent per offer, which is an increase of 340%. compared to 2022 – After years in which salaries in the technology sector grew at a rate of several percent annually, there is clear stabilization – commented Tomasz Bujok, CEO of No Fluff Jobs, quoted in the release.

– For the last two quarters, there has been a trend in advertisements towards stopping such a rapid increase in wages. This means that now, at the end of the year, when many companies will be talking about raises and promotions, they may be a bit easier – he added.

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