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Salaries of parliamentarians in the European Union – where in the EU do MEPs earn the most?

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In the European Union, the highest salaries are paid to Members of Parliament in Italy – they earn a gross monthly salary of around EUR 11,000 (around PLN 50,000). MPs in Germany receive a similar salary – slightly more than EUR 10,000 per month (approximately PLN 46,000). In turn, in France, MEPs receive more than seven thousand euros (around 33 thousand euros).

Where in the EU parliamentarians earn the most?

The earnings of Italian MPs, both deputies and senators, are considered the highest in the world. The Italian press noted at the end of last year that this thesis is also confirmed by analyzes carried out by EU experts who looked at salaries in various countries, also outside the EU.

Currently, the average annual parliamentary earnings, according to the official report, amount to 140,000 euros, or about 11,000. EUR gross monthly (about PLN 49.5 thousand).

As noted in a report published in Brussels, members of the Italian parliament receive 40,000 annually. euro more than parliamentarians in Germany and 56 thousand. euro more than in France. These salaries are higher by 35 thousand. euro than the salary in Congress in the US and is twice as high as in the British parliament.

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Salaries of deputies and senators in the European Union

In Germany, the taxable parliamentary allowance is EUR 10,012 (PLN 45.6 thousand) per month. For other expenses, such as an office in your own constituency, but also for travel or professional literature, there is a flat-rate allowance of EUR 4,418 (PLN 20.1 thousand) in the form of untaxed money.

A monthly amount of EUR 22,436 (PLN 102.3 thousand) is allocated to pay for the deputy’s associates. Settlements are made directly by the Bundestag administration. Relatives, spouses, in-laws and former life partners may not be employed from this pool.

Each German MEP has up to EUR 12,000 (PLN 54.7 thousand) at his disposal annually for office supplies, telephone costs, postage etc. for offices in Berlin and the constituency. In order to use this budget, however, supporting documents have to be submitted.

MEPs receive a 54 square meter fully equipped office in Berlin. Bundestag service vehicles may be used free of charge in the city of Berlin.

In France, from January 1, 2019, the gross salary of a deputy and senator amounts to EUR 7,239.91 (PLN 33.1 thousand). This remuneration consists of a base of EUR 5,623.23 (PLN 25.7 thousand), a housing allowance of EUR 168.70 (PLN 770) and an official allowance: EUR 1,447.98 (PLN 6.6 thousand) gross per month.

To cover various mandate-related expenses not covered directly by the National Assembly, MEPs receive an advance payment for mandate-related expenses of € 5,373 (PLN 24,554) per month. The expenses are on the Approved Expense Schedule and are subject to the control of the National Assembly’s Ethics Officer.

MPs and senators also have at their disposal 10 581 euros gross per month in the form of a loan for the remuneration of their employees, free access to the entire SNCF transport network in the first class. In their constituency, they are also entitled to reimbursement of costs related to five mobile lines for fixed telephone and internet installations. Members may combine this additional income with the basic allowance only up to a limit of 1.5 times the latter. In total, they can therefore receive an additional EUR 2,811.62 (PLN 12.9 thousand) for their local functions.

In Spain, members of the 350-seat Congress of Deputies earn from 55.8 thousand. euro up to 230.9 thousand gross euro per year, i.e. 255 thousand. and PLN 1.05 million. They receive these funds as part of 14 monthly payments (with additional payments in June and November), which take into account the so-called the base amount and various types of expenses related to the functions held in the chamber, the number of years worked, transport allowances, etc.

In turn, members of the Senate, the upper house of the Spanish parliament, earn an average of 90,000 a year. gross euro, i.e. 411.3 thousand. zlotys. In total, 265 people sit in the Senate.

In Portugal, 230 deputies of a unicameral parliament, the so-called The Assemblies of the Republic receive an average of 77,000 per year. gross euros disbursed as part of 14 monthly payments (with additional payments in June and November). This is the equivalent of approximately PLN 351 thousand. zlotys.

Earnings of deputies in Poland

President Andrzej Duda on Friday signed a regulation introducing increases for deputy ministers. The new provisions will also benefit deputies and senators, whose salaries depend on the amount of the salaries of deputy ministers. The salaries of deputies and senators increased from 10 thousand. PLN up to 16 thousand. zloty. Higher salaries are valid from Sunday, August 1.

Members are also entitled to a parliamentary allowance of 25 percent. salary.

Main photo source: Riccardo Antimiani / EPA / PAP

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