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Sam Neill has cancer. The tumor is in remission. The actor wrote an autobiography

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New Zealand actor Sam Neill, known m.in. The “Jurassic Park” star revealed that he was diagnosed with lymphoma last year. He noted that the cancer is currently in remission, i.e. there are no symptoms. As he confessed in an interview with the Guardian, the disease pushed him to write an autobiography.

Sam Neill in an interview with the British “Guardian” confessed that he was diagnosed with the disease last year. Swollen lymph nodes first appeared in the actor during the filming of a commercial in March 2022. Soon after, he was diagnosed with T-cell angioimmunoblastic lymphoma.

The actor quickly started chemotherapy, and when it did not work, he received a new drug that helped him fight the disease. The 75-year-old actor has to take it every month for the rest of his life, even though the cancer is in remission, meaning he is asymptomatic.

“I can’t pretend last year didn’t have some dark moments. But those dark moments have made me grateful for each day, for all my friends. I’m just glad to be alive,” Neill said.

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Sam Neill is 75 years oldSusanna Saez/EPA/PAP

Writing like medicine

The diagnosis prompted him to write an autobiography, in which he also talks about how he faced the disease. “The thing is, I’m a fraud. I might be dying,” he writes in the opening pages of his book. “I may have to speed things up a bit,” he adds.

As he confessed in an interview with the Guardian, he began writing notes when he began chemotherapy treatment.

“I found myself in a situation where I had nothing to do. And I’m used to work, I love to work, I love going to work. I love meeting people, enjoying their company and friendship. Love it. And suddenly it was all taken away from me. Then I thought: what am I going to do now? – confessed Neill in an interview.

Writing became a way for him to find himself in a new, difficult reality. – I never planned to write a book. But once I started, I realized that it gave me a reason to live. I went to bed thinking: I’ll write about it tomorrow, it will be good entertainment. Writing was my lifesaver because I couldn’t go through all this without having anything to do,” the actor told The British Daily.

Main photo source: Susanna Saez/EPA/PAP

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