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Same-sex relationships, legalization of marriage and adoption. Ipsos poll

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Two-thirds of Poles believe that same-sex couples should be able to marry or legalize their relationship in another way, according to a survey conducted by Ipsos. Support for adoption of children by such couples has increased.

Ipsos published the results of an international study LGBT+ Pride 2024, which asked, among others: about the visibility of LGBT+ people and the attitude towards various demands regarding this environment.

The study shows that every third respondent in Poland (36 percent) claims to have a homosexual person among their relatives or close friends from work. Women are more likely to have this experience than men (41 percent compared to 30 percent), and younger people are more likely to have this experience than older people (45 percent among those under 35 and 30 percent among respondents aged 50 to 74).

According to the information published on Wednesday, 18 percent of Polish men and women declare contact with bisexual people. Significantly fewer Polish respondents have contact with transgender people (8 percent) and non-binary people (10 percent).

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The youngest respondents stand out in that they more often have friends among all the groups mentioned. “It is also in the youngest age group that there are the most people declaring a sexual orientation other than heterosexual (12 percent compared to 8 percent among all Polish men and women),” Ipsos reported.

Two thirds of Poles support the legalization of same-sex relationships

He also said that almost half of Polish women and men (47 percent) support the idea that LGBT+ people should be able to talk openly with everyone about their sexual orientation or gender identity. Every third Polish respondent (33 percent) has no problem with them being able to show their feelings in public, e.g. by kissing or holding hands. This represents an increase of 8 percentage points over the 2021 survey and the largest increase among all countries surveyed.

The study also shows that in Poland there is still high support for the legalization of same-sex relationships. Any form of this legalization is supported by as many as 67 percent of Polish respondents, including 39 percent. supports the possibility of same-sex marriages, and another 28 percent support another form of legalization of relationships. 44 percent of Polish women and men are against the right of same-sex couples to adopt children, and 41 percent support it. Compared to the 2021 results, support for adoption increased by 8 percentage points.

61 percent of respondents believe that transgender people experience a lot of discrimination. Relatively many people are also willing to support their rights. 55 percent say transgender teens should be allowed to receive gender reassignment medical care with parental consent. Meanwhile, 41 percent believe that the health insurance system should cover the costs of such adjustments. The study was conducted in the period from February 23, 2024 to March 8, 2024, using the CAWI method, on a sample of residents of 26 selected countries (18,515 people in total, including 500 people in Poland). The study was conducted as part of cyclical Ipsos Global Advisor measurements.

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