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Sanctions. New entities on the Polish list. The head of KAS translates

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At my request, several more entities were added to the Polish sanctions list. Currently, it is not as easy as at the beginning of the war, because the capital connections of companies are more sophisticated, said Marcin Łoboda, deputy minister of finance and head of the National Tax Administration.

Marcin Łoboda, deputy minister of finance and head of the National Tax Administration, said during a meeting with journalists that currently one of the main priorities of the tax authorities is CASH is to monitor compliance with sanctions European Union she put on Russia and Belarus after Russia attacked Ukraine.

Necessary implementation of sanctions packages

– Of the 13 sanctions packages introduced by the EU, four have been implemented into our law. Our goal is for all 13 packages to be included in Polish law. Most of these packages concern the National Tax Administration, said Marcin Łoboda during a meeting with journalists.

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He recalled that the agreement signed with the Baltic countries and Finland concern broad enforcement of sanctions and a uniform approach to border controls with Russia and Belarus. He explained that currently intensified controls are being carried out on goods entering Russia and Belarus, even if it is only transit through the territories of these countries.

He added that despite the increased accuracy of inspections there are no queues at the border crossing between our country and Belarus.

“At my request, several entities have already been entered on the list”

– Entries on the sanctions list are made by the Minister of Interior and Administration. At my request, several entities have already been included on this list. Currently, it is no longer as simple as at the beginning of the war between Russia and Ukraine, when entities with shareholders from Russia or Belarus were added to the list, said Deputy Minister Łoboda.

– These capital connections are more sophisticated, which is why the shares of these entities need to be verified in several EU countries – he added.

The list of persons and entities subject to sanctions is available at website Ministry of Interior and Administration.

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