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Sandomierz. The 48-year-old shot in front of her daughter is still fighting for her life in the hospital. Prosecutor’s Office on the progress of the investigation

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The 48-year-old shot in her apartment in Sandomierz is still fighting for her life in the hospital, her condition is described as serious. The findings of the prosecutor’s office so far show that the woman’s ex-husband, who shot her in front of their daughter, probably used a black powder weapon. He was let into the apartment by the victim – he was watching TV with her a moment before the tragedy. After the shot was fired, the 50-year-old man left, then returned to himself and committed suicide.

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The 48-year-old who stayed shot on Sunday in one of the blocks of flats at Mickiewicza Street in Sandomierz (Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship), still in hospital. According to the investigating officer, the woman’s condition is described as serious.

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According to investigators, the shot was fired by the victim’s ex-husband. The man later returned to his apartment, from which a gunshot was heard a few hours later. After forcing the door, the service found the body of a 50-year-old man inside – the man probably committed suicide.

A family tragedy in Sandomierz. Findings of the prosecutor’s office

As police previously reported, the woman’s 50-year-old ex-husband was the last person seen in the 48-year-old’s apartment.

– Our findings so far show that the man was let into the apartment by the victim, who was staying there with his daughter and mother. The 50-year-old talked to them, watched TV with his ex-wife. There was no indication that a tragedy was about to happen. None of the women was aware that the man was carrying a weapon, Jolanta Religa, the head of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Sandomierz, told us on Thursday.

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According to preliminary findings, the 50-year-old fired a shot from a black powder weapon. If the expert confirms these assumptions, it is possible that the man acquired it legally – provided that it was manufactured before 1885 or is an exact replica. Then neither a gun permit nor registration is required. The prosecution is investigating how the man came into possession of the murder weapon – and whether he used the same weapon in both apartments.

The perpetrator’s motives are still unknown. An autopsy on the 50-year-old’s body is scheduled for today. However, the results will have to wait, prosecutor Religa points out. The results of toxicology tests – whether the perpetrator was under the influence of alcohol or other drugs at the time of the incident – will be known only in a few weeks.

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