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Sanok. A bear on the streets of Sanok

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In Sanok (Podkarpackie Voivodeship) a bear appeared in several places. First, he was seen around the pools, then he swam across the river and walked around the Sosenki resort. The police received several signals in this case from residents who saw the predator last Friday before midnight. – The animal managed to scare away from the forest – Anna Oleniacz from the police in Sanok tells us and calls for caution: – It’s not a mascot, it’s a wild animal – he adds.

In recent days, the police in Sanok received several reports about a bear that was seen in this part of the city, including near the Błonie estate, in the vicinity of the Rehabilitation and Sports Center and the so-called Sosenki and Sanok ponds.

– On Friday we received several signals from residents who saw a bear in the vicinity of Sosenki. The last ones arrived before midnight – Anna Oleniacz tells us.

The policemen secured the area. A special intervention group was also informed about the case, which deals with the catching and relocation of wild animals from areas inhabited by people.

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– We received information that members of the group patrolled the area where the bear was seen using night vision goggles, they did not find any trace of the predator. It seems that he has retreated into the forest – the police officer tells us.

Don’t approach, don’t take pictures

And he appeals that in the event of contact with a predator, under no circumstances try to scare it away on your own, do not approach it, do not try to take pictures or record it. – It’s not a mascot, but a wild animal – emphasizes our interlocutor.

And he adds: – We appeal to the residents to inform the Sanok police headquarters about any incident involving wild animals, if any of you notice a bear – please inform the police about this fact.

A bear by the ponds in Sanok A resident of Sanok

Main photo source: A resident of Sanok

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