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Sanok, Krosno, Kraków. Former policeman suspected of murdering a subordinate and a journalist. Important court hearing

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On Thursday, the Court of Appeal in Kraków will consider the appeal of Tadeusz P.’s defense lawyer against the decision to extend his pre-trial detention until March 2024. The former militiaman, later also a policeman, was charged with the murder of his subordinate, militiaman Krzysztof Pyka, Sanok journalist Marek Pomykała, and attempted murder of his ex-wife, Ewa P. He faces life imprisonment for his crimes.

64-year-old Tadeusz P. has been in custody since November 24, 2022. Two days earlier, on November 22, he was detained by Krakow investigators in Zabrze (Silesian Voivodeship), where he had recently lived.

On November 15, the Court of Appeal in Kraków decided to extend his detention until March 17, 2024.

Tadeusz P.’s defense attorney filed a complaint against the court’s decision. As Judge Tomasz Szymański, spokesman for the Court of Appeal in Krakow, told us, he questioned, among other things, the so-called “evidential premise”, i.e. “the probable cause of committing the alleged act in respect of all acts”, and the premise regarding the fear of fraud.

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The complaint will be considered on Thursday before three judges of the Court of Appeal in Kraków.

There are already expert opinions

The District Prosecutor’s Office in Krakow, which is conducting the investigation in this case, already has the opinion of the Toxicology Laboratory of the Department of Forensic Medicine in Krakow regarding the drugs and other substances with which Tadeusz P. – according to the investigators’ findings – poisoned his wife, but the prosecutor’s office – for the sake of the investigation – does not provide any information on this subject.

In September, the prosecutor’s office received a forensic-psychiatric opinion from the examination of Tadeusz P., which showed that the man was sane and could be held accountable in court for the acts he was accused of.

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Four charges against Tadeusz P.

The District Prosecutor’s Office in Kraków charged Tadeusz P. with the murder of policeman Krzysztof Pyka, which allegedly took place on the night of December 12-13, 1985, and the murder of Marek Pomykała, a journalist from Sanok, who left his house in Sanok on the night of April 29-30, 1997. and no trace of him was lost.

Tadeusz P. was also charged with attempted murder of his wife, Ewa P. According to investigators, the man tried to poison the woman by “systematically adding significant doses of certain drugs to the drinks she drank” and by “putting mercury in her cigarettes.”

The fourth charge concerns the finding of just over 24 grams of “non-fibrous hemp herb” in Tadeusz P.’s apartment.

According to the Krakow district prosecutor’s office, Tadeusz P., when questioned as a suspect, did not admit to committing the acts he was accused of and provided explanations. The prosecutor’s office does not disclose their content.

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The body of a policeman in the lake

According to Krakow investigators, on the night of December 12-13, 1985, in Polańczyk (Lesko County), Tadeusz P. pushed his subordinate, militiaman Krzysztof Pyka, off the boat mooring pier. He did it because he wanted to avoid criminal liability for driving under the influence of alcohol road accident in the town of Łączki (Lesko County), where Edward Krajnik died.

Krzysztof Pyka was allegedly a witness to the cover-up of the true circumstances of this accident. Father Tadeusz P. was then put in the driver’s seat and took the blame for causing the accident. The real perpetrator did not suffer any consequences, Krzysztof Pyka wanted to reveal the true circumstances of the accident, which is why – as investigators found – he was supposed to die.

The body of a young policeman was fished out of Lake Solina on February 3, 1986. The circumstances of his death were never explained.

Lake Solina in Polańczyk, the place where the body of policeman Krzysztof Pyka was fished out on February 3, 1986Martyna Sokołowska

The journalist left the house and disappeared. He was working on an accident case in Łączki

Marek Pomykała went missing on the night of April 29-30. He left the house in Sanok and was lost. His car was found on April 30 in front of the gate to the dam in Solina. The car was locked, which the journalist was never supposed to do, and – according to the family – there was no fuel in the tank. The journalist’s body has not been found yet.

According to Krakow investigators, Tadeusz P. allegedly lured the journalist to his house in Wołkowyja (Lesko district), got him drunk and strangled him. He was supposed to do this because he was afraid that the journalist would find out about the crimes he had committed.

The described events took place in the Lesko district in the province. Podkarpackietvn24.pl

He was to tell his wife and lover about the crimes

In 2012, Tadeusz P. allegedly told his lover, Wioletta Z, about the murder of a journalist and policeman. He also allegedly told his ex-wife, Ewa P., many times that he had killed Krzysztof Pyka.

We managed to reach former officers – a militiaman and a policeman, who confirmed that Marek Pomykała asked them about the accident in Łączki and the death of militiaman Krzysztof Pyka and about Tadeusz P. The former officer could have treated this as a motive to get rid of the journalist.

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This is one of Marek Pomykała's last photos.  The photo was taken shortly before he disappeared

Marek PomykałaThis is one of Marek Pomykała’s last photos. The photo was taken shortly before he disappearedFamily archive

A breakthrough after many years. Another investigation

Ewa P. and Wioletta Z. were questioned in the investigation conducted in 2014-2015 into the murder of Pyka and Pomykała by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Rzeszów. However, the prosecutor handling the case decided that there were too many inconsistencies in the women’s testimonies that needed to be resolved in favor of Tadeusz P. The investigation was discontinued, Tadeusz P. was not questioned even as a witness. The prosecutor also waived the search of his house in Wołkowyja, where – according to Wioletta Z.’s testimony – Tadeusz P. allegedly killed the journalist.

Tadeusz P.’s property in Wołkowyja was searched only in May 2021 Martyna Sokołowska

In 2020, after the circumstances of the death of Krzysztof Pyka and Marek Pomykała were publicized by journalists, the National Prosecutor’s Office decided to reopen the case and refer it to Krakow. The investigation was initiated in December 2020 and is ongoing. The activities are carried out by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Kraków and the Krakow department of the X-Files.

Tadeusz P. faces life imprisonment for his crimes.

Main photo source: tvn24

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