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Santander Bank Polska warns against SMS messages from fraudsters, they offer an alleged PLN 500 bonus

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Santander Bank Polska warns against fraudsters pretending to be a bank. Cyber ​​criminals send SMS messages with information about the alleged PLN 500 bonus. A fake link is attached to the message.

Representatives of Santander Bank Polska indicated that the criminals want to extort data for online banking: login and password. Attached to the alert is an example message from scammers. “You receive a bonus of PLN 500 for this month for a large volume of transactions from our card. About other bonuses and referral program on our website. Go to Internet Banking and get it” – we read in the text of the SMS.

The message is accompanied by a link which – as the bank representatives emphasized – “leads to the fake login page to the illusion resembling the real one”. “It is enough to read the message carefully to realize that it is a scam. The beginning of an SMS arouses interest and at the same time lulls you to sleep. The link, however, reveals everything. The correct login page address is centrum24.pl” – they noted.

At the same time, representatives of Santander admitted that “unfortunately, visually the site is confusingly similar to the real site”. “If you enter your login and password, criminals can wipe your account of all money” – they stressed.

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Fake website prepared by scammerssantander.pl

The bank advises to use the principle of limited trust and not to open links from unknown senders. It is worth paying attention to what the suspicious link looks like.

Cheaters on the offensive

We have already warned against fake SMS messages from fraudsters many times. On Saturday, we informed about cybercriminals pretending to be InPost. Scammers send SMS messages with information about the alleged need to settle the payment. Moreover, CERT Polska i Ministry of Finance in recent days, they have warned against SMS messages asking for a survey. In this way, cybercriminals want to extort personal data, tempting you with earnings of 250 zlotys for completing the form.

The customers of large banks are also targeted by fraudsters. mBank warned against SMS messages with a link to a fake bank’s website. Earlier, CSIRT KNF informed about cybercriminals posing as ING Bank Śląski and BNP Paribas.

In turn, in April, PKO BP warned against fraudsters pretending to be a bank and sending false messages to customers. Clicking on an attachment in the message could install malicious software.

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