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Santok, Gorzowska Street. A drunk driver pulled into the garage

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He was driving on dual throttle and hit the garage of a house in Santok (Lubuskie Province). The impact force was so great that the vehicle was almost half stuck in the building. The 27-year-old driver was hospitalized, as was the accompanying passenger.

Police from Gorzów explain the circumstances of the incident that took place in Santok (Lubuskie Province). – On Saturday around 8:44 pm, a Volkswagen Bora driver, who was driving towards Chekhov, drove into a garage located at one of the houses on Gorzowska Street, said Magdalena Ziętek, Chief Commissioner from the Gorzów Police.

According to the portal gorzowianin.com, the impact force was so great that almost half of the car was stuck in the building.


Four fire brigades intervened on the spot gorzowianin.com

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Two people in the car, one jammed

Four fire brigades intervened on the spot. According to information provided by firefighters, there were two people driving the Volkswagen. – The car was driven by a 27-year-old from the Lubuskie Province. The man was under the influence of alcohol. The study showed that he had 1.2 per mille in exhaled air – said Magdalena Ziętek, commissioner from the Gorzów police.

The 27-year-old and the passenger were transported to hospital. The police do not provide detailed information about their health.

Main photo source: gorzowianin.com

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