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Sarah Ferguson. The Duchess of York underwent surgery for breast cancer. He urges others to check themselves regularly

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Sarah Ferguson underwent surgery for breast cancer last week, the Duchess of York’s spokesman said. Currently, the former spouse of Prince Andrew is recovering surrounded by loved ones.

According to the information provided by the Duchess’s spokesman, the cancer was detected during a routine mammogram. Her representative added that Sarah Ferguson had previously been “symptom free”. In his opinion, her example ‘highlights the importance of regular screening’.

In a statement quoted by British media, the spokesperson said that after receiving the results of Ferguson’s mammogram, “he was told he had to undergo surgery”. The procedure was performed last week at the private King Edward VII Hospital in London. According to the doctors, the prognosis of the Duchess of York is favorable. The spokesman did not specify what kind of surgery it was, but the information provided by the Duchess herself in her podcast shows that she underwent a mastectomy on one of her breasts.

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The Duchess of York underwent surgery for breast cancer

Currently, the Duchess of York is “recovering surrounded by her family”. Over the weekend, Ferguson returned to her home in Windsor, where she lives with her former husband, Prince Andrew, according to the BBC.

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of YorkOttavia Da Re/Avalon/PAP/EPA

Sarah Ferguson talked about her experience with breast cancer in the episode of the podcast “Tea Talks with the Duchess and Sarah”, which she co-hosted on June 26, recorded the day before the planned mastectomy. Ferguson admitted that she initially wanted to postpone the study, but after her sister’s persuasion, she decided not to go ahead with it. During the process, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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Sarah Ferguson encourages regular self-exams

Speaking to co-host Sarah Thomson, Ferguson admitted that she wanted to share her example to encourage more people to get regular cancer screenings. “I want every single person who listens to this podcast to go get tested,” she appealed to viewers. “I’m not just talking about breast screening, but all possible screening tests,” she added later in the conversation.

Describing her experience, the Duchess said she saw her diagnosis as “an opportunity to do what she’s always wanted – to have a super fit mind, body and soul.” – I love walking in the mountains, walking in the meadows, having a sense of excitement because of nature. Now is my chance. The unusual position I’m in now means I have no other choice,” Ferguson said. – I can’t look for any more excuses. I have to go through this,” she added.

For over 35 years, the Duchess has been working with the Teenage Cancer Trust charity, which provides oncological care and support for young people struggling with cancer. As Ferguson admitted in her podcast, the motivation to get involved in her activities was the death of her stepfather, who died of cancer at the age of only 50.

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breast cancerMaria Samczuk/PAP

BBC, Tea Talks with the Duchess and Sarah

Main photo source: Ottavia Da Re/Avalon/PAP/EPA

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