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Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Downpours and floods. People were trapped in their homes, there was a power cut

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Bosnia and Herzegovina experienced heavy rainfall on Friday. Rivers flooded in many regions and there was a flood. People were unable to get out of their homes on their own, but some were evacuated thanks to the support of emergency services.

Flooding due to heavy rainfall caused power cuts in many parts of Sarajevo on Friday, many roads became impassable, and school classes were canceled.

Dozens of people have been evacuated – both entire families from their homes and residents of nursing homes or other institutions. According to preliminary estimates, about 400 buildings were damaged by the flood. Accurate data will be available only after all cleaning activities are completed.

According to the media, the downpours also affected other regions of the country. Floods and landslides have been reported across Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“People were trapped in their homes, without electricity and water, and yet they have small children,” said one resident of the Sarajevo area.

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On Friday, the region’s authorities called an emergency meeting and local energy companies fought against power failures. As reported, due to the huge number of submissions, it was not known when all the problems would be fixed.

In places the situation is stabilizing

Local media reported Saturday that in Visoko’s Cekrekcije neighborhood, the water level of the river had started to drop. On Saturday, work on removing the effects of the flooding in the region was carried out. The authorities said the situation was already stabilizing.

– In Cekrekcije the water has receded and the provincial road Visoko – Ilijas is now passable. The road maintenance services have been informed that they can clean it, said Mirza Ganić, Mayor of Visoko.

He added that measures were taken last night to prevent another flooding of the river. The situation was most serious near the village of Gornja Mostra.

“About 10pm last night, it was noticed that the water receded by about seven or eight meters, which made us very happy,” said Ganić.

Water has penetrated, inter alia, into warehouses and boiler rooms, but thanks to pumps, it was largely drained.

They couldn’t reach the deceased inmate

The situation was also serious in Otes. According to the information provided, no one was injured, although the flood threatened the lives of many people. We managed to evacuate them. In the case of the local retirement home, it was decided to refrain from action. Fortunately, the next day the water subsided and it turned out that a rescue operation is no longer a necessity.

According to the media, one of the house’s charges died late Friday evening of natural causes. It was only on Saturday that it was possible to prepare the body for burial, because earlier the funeral parlor workers could not get there.

Main photo source: ENEX

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