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SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in Poland. Fifth dose of vaccination. Adam Niedzielski about when the decision will be made

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Health Minister Adam Niedzielski announced that “within the next two weeks” a decision will be made regarding the fifth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. He reassured that the recently growing number of cases did not threaten the efficiency of the health care system.

At the conference in Poznań, the minister also said that flu and RSV are still the main epidemic threats in the country.

– Indeed, recently we are dealing with significantly higher numbers of new cases COVID-19. Over the last few weeks, this dynamic from week to week has sometimes exceeded fifty percent. At the moment, the increases in the number of cases are decreasing from week to week, but we are actually reaching levels that have not been present for a long time – said the minister.

He added that according to the ministry’s forecasts, “the apogee of the wave of infections takes place this week.” – The most likely trend in the next two weeks will be a stabilization or even a decrease in the number of infections – he said.

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2.5 thousand people with COVID-19 in hospitals

Adam Niedzielski said the number of hospitalized COVID patients had exceeded 2,500.

– For the time being, we do not see a threat to the health care system. Capacity, of course, is not at great risk with this number of hospitalizations. All the time, the main epidemic threat in the country is influenza and RSV. Even if we are talking about the fact that we are approaching the level of five thousand infections, the number of flu or RSV infections is now close to thirty thousand a day – he stressed.

COVID-19. Niedzielski: decision on the fifth dose of the vaccine coming soon

When asked about the decision to administer the fifth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, he informed that an analysis of methods of action in other countries is underway. A decision is expected to be made in the next two weeks.

“We see three types of approach around the world to taking the fifth dose. This is to make this opportunity available to all patients, the second is to target groups at risk: primarily the elderly or people with impaired immunity. There are also countries, here I give an example Denmarkwho made a very conscious decision not to recommend a fifth dose. These countries conduct population surveys and find that the level of immunity is relatively high, he said.

– We are also conducting such research, now we are waiting for current results. The last study we did showed that the presence of antibodies was in over ninety percent of the population studied. This population immunity is already at a high level (…) now we do not observe such a drastic transition of COVID-19 in terms of hospitalization or, in particular, the number of patients who require oxygen support and are on a ventilator – added Niedzielski.

In the past day, tests confirmed 3,907 coronavirus infections, including 1,046 re-infections. 19 people with COVID-19 have died, government websites announced on Wednesday. 10,675 tests for SARS-CoV-2 were performed.

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