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Save electricity. How to reduce domestic electricity consumption

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Rising prices of electricity and energy raw materials make it more and more important to manage electricity wisely. Even small actions and changes in habits are often enough to noticeably reduce the amount of bills. We present the easiest ways to reduce electricity consumption.

From this perspective, they seem particularly understandable recommendations of the Polish Ministry of Climate and Environment to wisely manage electricity consumption and save it as much as possible. Such activities are not only the fight against waste and care for the natural environment, but also a significant benefit for our wallets – by saving electricity, we save on growing bills.

Save electricity

The easiest way to reduce energy consumption is to turn off electrical appliances and artificial lighting when not in use. Although this recommendation is well known, we still do not always turn off the TV, radio or computer when we are not using them. Many devices also consume electricity while in “standby mode”.

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It is also worth giving up the use of artificial lighting at all when daylight may still be enough for us. It is easy, especially in the summer, when the sunlight reaches our windows for a long time. If, however, we already turn on artificial lighting, it is necessary to ensure that all light sources are energy-saving – the higher cost of energy-saving bulbs pays off very quickly.

The hot summer is also a time when many people use air conditioners and fans. Switching on these devices means additional power consumption, so it is worth limiting the time of their use as much as possible. The cooling temperature set on the air conditioners is also important – avoid setting the desired temperature too low. You can meet, among others with the recommendation not to set the cooling to less than 25 degrees Celsius – each step up means a few percent savings, which can translate into hundreds of zlotys per year.

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Electricity consumption in the kitchen

The place where we can save especially a lot of electricity is the kitchen. It is worth not only turning off the power of devices that we do not use all day, e.g. a coffee machine, but also more economical use of other equipment. When using an electric kettle, let’s pour into it only as much water as we currently need. In turn, when opening a refrigerator or a working oven, let’s try to keep the opening time of these devices as short as possible.

Significant savings can also be achieved by simply covering the pots on electric cookers – this significantly speeds up cooking, and thus reduces energy consumption. Only switch the dishwasher and washing machine on when they are fully loaded. It is best to use eco mode if only these devices have it.

Smart shopping and habits

It is also worth remembering the amount of your electricity bills when buying home appliances and pay attention to how much energy they consume. They are helpful in this labels informing about the energy-saving class of some RTV and household applianceswhere A +++ is the highest class and G is the lowest class. In case of problems with finding such information – you can always ask a specialist present in the store for help.

Changing your daily habits may also be important. An example of this is shifting in time activities that require a lot of energy to hours beyond the morning and evening peak electricity demand. This will not always translate into a reduction in bills, but it will always help to avoid overloading the power grid.

People who live in single-family houses may also reflect on benefits of installing photovoltaic panels.

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Power system in Poland

The importance of reducing electricity consumption in your own home is growing today for a number of reasons. One of them is the failure rate of the Polish energy infrastructure. – A significant part of the coal-fired power plants, which are in the resources of our energy system, is simply getting older, more and more emergency – said Rafał Zasuń, editor-in-chief of the portal Wysokienapięć.pl in “Fakty”.

The situation is made even worse changes in the availability of coal, gas and oil caused by the Russian attack on Ukraine. It doesn’t help either hot summer in much of Europewhich translates into an increase in the demand for electricity.

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