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Saw. The woman received threatening letters, her apartment door was set on fire. The 19-year-old son heard the charges

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Thirty people were evacuated from the block in Piła (Greater Poland Voivodeship) shortly after a fire broke out there. According to the police, it was the 19-year-old son of one of the women who lived there that poured gasoline on the door and set it on fire. The man heard the charges and was arrested.

The incident took place on Thursday, but the police from Piła have only now informed about it. The first reports received by the services concerned a fire in one of the multi-family blocks of flats in the Zamość estate. – Initial information indicated that the fire was caused by the deliberate setting fire of a door to one of the apartments with a flammable substance. The police determined that the person responsible for endangering the building’s inhabitants was a 19-year-old pilan, who had argued with his mother that day. The man also sent the woman messages with threats – emphasized Wojciech Zeszot, spokesman for the Piła police.

The fire brigade appeared on the spot to extinguish the fire located in the staircase. During the operations, 30 people were evacuated from the building.


The boy was to pour gasoline on his mother’s door and set it on fireKPP Piła

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He fled the scene

According to a police spokesman, officers found that before midnight the 19-year-old went to a nearby gas station to get fuel, and then appeared at the door of his family’s apartment. After setting the fire, he escaped from the place of the fire. It didn’t do much. – The policemen quickly found the perpetrator. It turned out that the man was burned during the arson and was in the hospital in Piła. The 19-year-old, having provided him with the necessary medical aid, was detained. The collected material in the case allowed the man to present two accusations related to directing a punishable threat and causing a fire that threatened the life and health of many people – Zeszot said. According to the court’s decision, the 19-year-old was temporarily arrested. For the alleged offenses, he is punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

The 19-year-old heard the accusationsKPP Piła

Main photo source: KPP Piła

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