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Monday, September 20, 2021

School bags for girls and boys under the UOKiK’s magnifying glass. Ten models were tested

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School satchels have been tested by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. Among other things, they were assessed for safety, functionality and durability. The products have passed a total of 190 tests.

As reported in the press release of UOKiK, 10 models of school bags were selected for the study based on a market research carried out by the Trade Inspection in May 2021 in online and stationary stores throughout Poland. The tests were performed by employees in the UOKiK laboratory in Lublin, which has the appropriate accreditation.

School bags have passed 190 tests

According to the Office, all models had a stiffened bottom and back, adjustable shoulder straps and a lifting handle. The products selected for the research were intended for young schoolchildren. The selected satchels did not have wheels and were equipped with adjustable harness straps and a lifting handle.

Schoolbags tests – price, weight, water resistance UOKiK

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All models were tested in the same way and under the same conditions. The satchels passed a total of 190 tests, during which 1,723 partial results were obtained.

– A school bag is the basic item on the school layette list. When choosing, it is worth paying attention to its functionality, durability and, above all, safety for the child’s spine – emphasized Tomasz Chróstny, the head of UOKiK, quoted in the press release.

As he added, specialists from the UOKiK laboratory assessed the satchels for the presence of reflectors, functionality and durability. – They also checked how much each model weighs and whether the bottoms of the satchels are waterproof – explained the President of UOKiK.

Schoolbags tests – presence of pockets, additional equipmentUOKiK

According to UOKiK data, eight out of ten tested satchels had light reflecting materials on the front, both sides and on the shoulder straps. “The Beniamin and Starpak brand satchels did not have reflectors on one of the sides” – it was given. The Office indicated that the presence of reflectors increases the safety of children on the way to and from school, preferably if they are placed on each side of the school bag.


Most of the tested satchels had a woven tape handle with a plastic cover. The inspectors found this kind of grip in seven school bags. In the case of all tested models, it was found that they could be lifted by the handle with one hand. Only one of the tested models had a pocket with a thermal insulation foil for food and it was a Step by Step school bag. Six out of ten tested satchels had legs on the bottom, including one model with a bottom made of homogeneous, extruded hard plastic.

Schoolbags tests – enduranceUOKiK

When it comes to the functionality of the harness – according to the inspectors – the narrowest shoulder straps were the Step by Step brand (48 mm) and the Herlitz brand (54 mm). The widest harness was found in the case of the Real Madrid brand (70 mm) and the Starpak brand (70 mm). The soft part of the harness was the longest for the Real Madrid brand (430 mm) and the Kayokki brand (407 mm). An additional chest strap was found in the Coolpack, Real Madrid, Step by Step and St. Majewski Bambino. None of the tested models was equipped with a hip belt.

As reported by UOKiK, during the tests, the waterproof bottom was found in the Herlitz, Kayokki, Step by Step and St. Majewski Bambino. In the case of endurance, all five tests related to it successfully passed seven schoolbags and they were the brands Coolpack, Kayokki, Paso, Real Madrid, Starpak, Step by Step and St. Majewski Bambino.

Schoolbags tests – harness length and widthUOKiK

Satchel tests – the leader of the edition

The Office reported that the tested satchels weighed from 0.86 kg to 1.25 kg. Six models weighed less than 1 kg. The lightest were the Herlitz (0.86 kg) and Derform (0.90 kg) satchels, the heaviest ones were the Real Madrid (1.25 kg) and Beniamin (1.13 kg) satchels.

“We awarded a certain number of points in the six categories examined. After summing up, it turned out that the Kayokki schoolbag was the leader of the edition. The brand ST Majewski Bambino and Real Madrid was next on the podium,” the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) reported.


The Office emphasizes that a schoolbag with a rigid structure is healthier for the spine and promotes the straightening of the child. “This construction also protects the back from hurting, even if the things inside are not stacked. The tested models did not have hip belts, but it is worth remembering that their presence allows for better weight distribution and relieving the child’s spine. This is especially important when carrying heavy loads for a long time. schoolbag “- explained the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.

He added that the recommended weight of a padded schoolbag, which is considered harmless to a child’s spine, is 10-15 percent. student’s weight, that is, a child weighing 40 kg should lift no more than 4-6 kg.

The Office reminded that if the product has a defect, the complaint should be submitted to the seller; it is for two years from the date of purchase. You can also request repair or replacement of the goods, price reduction, and if the defect is significant – a refund.

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