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School. How much do you have to pay for a layette for a student in 2022?

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The holidays are still going on, but some parents are already thinking about completing the school layette. According to economists, the cost of equipping one child for the new school year may be as high as PLN 1,700, i.e. PLN 400 more than last year. The TVN24 reporter checked the costs the students’ parents have to face. What do they need PLN 300 from the “Dobry start” program?

Economists have no doubts – this year the parents of students will pay more for the school layette than last year. A TVN24 reporter went to the “Skala” store in Wrocław to check the prices of stationery. The owner of the facility has prepared a list of current product prices especially for TVN24 and compared them with those from last year. You can see the difference with the naked eye.


“There is already a 30 percent difference in prices.”

Let’s take a closer look at the basics of the product and notebooks. Until now, you had to pay 3 zlotys for the A5 notebook, now it is 4.40 zlotys. – We will pay more for the notebooks, mainly because the prices of paper are higher. And such notebooks usually need to be bought about ten for various items. Pencil cases, glue, it all became more expensive. This is influenced, for example, by transport costs. This merchandise has to hit stores somehow. And all this affects the final price – said Piotr Szychowiak, Skala stationery store in Wrocław.

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A school kit containing, among others The cost of a ruler and set square was PLN 10.90, and now PLN 12.90. You also have to pay more for the crayons. Their price changed from PLN 16.50 to PLN 19.60. A significant increase in the prices of school supplies can also be seen in the example of paints and paper. In 2021, you had to pay PLN 23.50 for a box of paints. Now it’s PLN 30. On the other hand, the price of the paper ream soared from PLN 16.40 to PLN 29.90.

Expenditure on stationery in 2021 and 2022 – summaryTVN24

A year ago, a parent in Mr. Piotr’s shop would have paid exactly PLN 168.40 for the entire list of things needed for school. This year it is already an expense of PLN 212. And these are just stationery. Each student also needs textbooks, a backpack and an outfit for physical education classes. This is an essential basic package. Can these expenses be reduced in any way?

– Above all, don’t wait for the last moment. Many vendors have signaled hikes since August or September, so later these prices will be even higher. And you can already see that these price differences are as high as 30 percent. I would buy products right now – advises the owner of the “Skala” store.

In some stores, holders “Big Family Cards” can take advantage of discounts.

As reported by TVN24 reporter Olga Mildyn, according to economists, this year parents will pay an average of PLN 1700 for the entire layette. This is 400 zlotys more than a year ago. – On average, in Poland, the cost of a layette for one child is 1/4 of Kowalski’s salary. In Ireland is only 5 percent. According to economists, the school layette in Poland will be one of the most expensive among the European Union countries this year, says Olga Mildyn.

Do you want to receive PLN 300 for a child? You must submit an application

“Good Start” is a program within which Social Security donates PLN 300 to parents for school equipment for a studying child. The so-called school layette is available for every child aged 7 to 20, who study at school, and for persons with disabilities – up to 24 years of age.

As part of the program, parents – regardless of their income – can receive PLN 300 at a time, e.g. for the purchase of textbooks, notebooks, equipment needed by students and other equipment necessary for children studying in primary schools, high schools, post-secondary schools and other educational institutions.

To take advantage of such support, you must submit an application. Recruitment started on July 1 and will last until November 30. The benefit will go to the bank account indicated in the application. Decisions and all notices will be sent in electronic form.

The application can be submitted via electronic banking, PUE ZUS and the Emp @ tia MRiPS portal. The benefit in the amount of PLN 300 for a layette for a schooling child will be transferred to the bank account indicated in the application. Decisions and all notices will be sent in electronic form.

According to the data of the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, approximately 4.4 million children benefit from Good Start each year. The total amount of support in 2018-2022 will amount to approximately PLN 6.65 billion.

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