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School layette much more expensive than a year ago. Many parents have ways to save money

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Back to school is slowly but surely approaching, which means more expenses for many parents. Due to the high prices, a trip to the shops for school supplies can hurt much more than a year ago.

Mrs. Katarzyna Kozioł discusses the strategy of buying a layette with her daughters. As he says, he is guided by the principle: no sudden actions. “I bought enough of it to have leftovers for next year. Now I’m taking it easy, which is not too much to start with – the woman emphasizes.

Katarzyna’s principle is a clear trend this year, which is confirmed by sellers. – Parents systematically purchase school supplies, stationery, backpack equipment, so that it is not such a large amount at once that it hurts – informs Agnieszka Stankiewicz-Kierus, co-owner of the taniaksiążka.pl bookstore. – So that at the end of the holidays you do not have such a large expense of 400, 500 or 600 zlotys. Not every parent can afford it, despite government support in the form of 300 plus – adds Aneta Niedźwiedzka from the Brystol store in Łódź.

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Applications for Good Start can be submitted electronically from July to the end of November. The amount of support is PLN 300, but this amount – according to the sellers – will be difficult to fit in. – This year you have to spend a minimum of PLN 400 – estimates Agnieszka Stankiewicz-Kierus.

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Layette for a high school student

Karolina Banaszek from the Central Statistical Office, referring to the GUS report on price levels, points out that the prices of products that parents prepare for children have increased. According to the Central Statistical Office, the price of notebooks increased by almost a quarter year on year. Writing utensils, paints and crayons increased by more than 10 percent on average, and the price of a backpack increased by more than 12 percent. The price of gym clothes has also gone up. You also have to pay more for sports shoes.

High school students don’t get free textbooks like elementary schools. Books cost almost 9 percent more to buy, with some textbooks costing even more. – A significant increase in prices should also be reflected in an increase in all kinds of aid – believes Danuta Kozakiewicz, headmistress of Primary School No. 103 in Warsaw.

Mrs. Iwona Holecka, working in the store, observes price changes on a daily basis. He buys his high school student used textbooks. He will spend at least PLN 1,000 on the layette. – 800 zlotys, almost books, and where are some notebooks – says the woman.

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