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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Scinawa, Lower Silesia. A man who was injured in a gas explosion died

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Seven people were injured in a house in Ścinawa in Lower Silesia in the Wednesday explosion. One of them died, as reported on Sunday, one is still in critical condition. All property and property of the residents were completely destroyed in the blink of an eye. They cannot enter the disaster area for even the most necessary things. The building was to be demolished.

Until the explosion in a two-story building at ul. May 1 in Ścinawa, inhabited by five families, 15 fire brigades were extinguished by a fire on Wednesday. Seven people were injured, two of them very badly. One of them died in the hospital.

– Yesterday around 11 am we received information that a man aged 50 had died in a hospital in Nowa Sól. His burns account for nearly 90 percent of his body surface. His 52-year-old partner is in a coma in critical condition. He is in a hospital in Siemianowice Śląskie – we were told on Sunday by staff aspirant Sylwia Serafin, spokeswoman for the police in Lubin.

The guard searches the rubble after a multi-family building collapsesMaciej Kulczyński / PAP / EPA

The gas exploded when someone turned on the light

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On Saturday, the property manager published an announcement regarding the explosion. “On Wednesday, November 10, 2021, around 9 p.m. in Ścinawa at 1 Maja Street, 26, as a result of a powerful gas explosion, practically the entire building belonging to the May 1, 26 Housing Community was rapidly destroyed. It should be noted that the building at 26 1 Maja Street in Ścinawa was not connected to the gas network. The cause of the explosion, based on the preliminary opinion of experts working at the prosecutor’s office, was the unsealing of the gas installation at 1 Maja Street “- reads the release.

According to experts, as a result of the leakage, the gas leaked into a nearby sewage pipe, the opening of which ended in the staircase in the building. The escaping gas gradually mixed with the air to form an explosive mixture. The gas in the stairwell was ignited by a small spark, in this case caused by the switching on of the light.

Collection for the injured

All property and property of the residents were completely destroyed in the blink of an eye, the building can only be demolished.

“The injured cannot enter the crash site even for the most necessary things. Due to the above, Domator Nieruchomości Nieruchomości Elżbieta Dynerowicz, acting as the manager of the community at 1 Maja 26 Street in Ścinawa, decided to create a fundraiser and ask you with a great and sincere request for support. Let us be a community that helps others in difficult times. Let us extend a helping hand to those in need “- it was written in the release.


The mayor of Ścinawa, Krystian Costła, said that for families who lost their homes as a result of the explosion, the commune has shelter in flats and youth hostels.

A resident of Ścinawa tells about the moment of the explosionTVN24 Wrocław

Like an earthquake

On the spot, our reporter talked with a resident of Ścinawa, who – as he claims – felt an explosion in his apartment, almost a kilometer from the tenement house at ul. 1 May.

It sounded as if the door had been slammed. I live almost a kilometer from here and even there it was heard. Actually, everyone in the vicinity heard such a hard blow, something like an earthquake. Such a blast went around the area. The entire building practically ceased to exist. The roof fell out over the whole neighborhood, the windows were broken. Great losses – says Mr. Krzysztof.

A resident of Ścinawa, who lives two streets from the site of the explosion, reported in an interview with TVN24 that “the bang was huge, windows and doors shook”.

Main photo source: tvn24

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