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Scinawa, Lubin. A police escort of a sick child to the hospital. Recording

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Police officers from Ścinawa (Lower Silesia Province) escorted a car with a child who had an epileptic attack to the hospital. – The boy at home lost consciousness and the parents decided to take their son to a medical facility as soon as possible with their own transport, asking for the assistance of the policemen – explains staff assistant Sylwia Serafin, press officer of the Poviat Police Headquarters in Lubin.

On Sunday, the duty officer of the Lubin command received information that a family with a sick 10-year-old boy was traveling from Ścinawa, who urgently needed to get to the hospital because his life and health were at risk.

– The information provided by the parents showed that they could not wake the boy from sleep, and when they succeeded, the 10-year-old lost consciousness every now and then, and he had epilepsy attacks. Frightened parents, in order not to waste precious time, decided to take their son with their own transport to the hospital in Lubin, asking for the assistance and support of the officers – explains staff assistant Sylwia Serafin, press officer of the Poviat Police Headquarters in Lubin.

They were waiting for them on the road

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Officers from the Police Station in Ścinawa were on their way to Lubin. When they heard the duty officer’s message about the need for urgent help and assistance for a sick boy, they informed that they were a bit further away and were waiting for the car described in the message. Moments later, they “took over” the car with the family.

– In a marked police car, using light and sound signals, they quickly and safely escorted the parents and the child to the hospital in Lubin, where he was provided with medical assistance – says Serafin.

Due to the child’s life-threatening condition, his parents notified the hospital so that the medical staff would be prepared for their arrival.

Main photo source: KPP Lubin

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