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Sea fog over the Baltic Sea. This phenomenon can be dangerous

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Sea fog appeared in Karwia (Pomeranian Voivodeship) in the afternoon. tvnmeteo.pl forecaster Arleta Unton-Pyziołek explained that this phenomenon occurs in very specific conditions. It can also be very dangerous.

There is thunder in central and western Poland, and the lightning is accompanied by hail, intense rainfall and even the beginnings of tornadoes. However, these are not the only interesting weather phenomena that could be seen today.

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White as milk

In the early afternoon, the beach in Karwia (Pomeranian Voivodeship) was covered with thick fog. Photos of the phenomenon appeared on social media.

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Sea fog, advection fog. How these phenomena arise

As tvnmeteo.pl forecaster Arleta Unton-Pyziołek explained, we were dealing with the phenomenon of sea fog, classified as advection fog. Poland is under the influence of the low pressure from the North Sea. Air masses are coming to our area from the south and southeast, from the Mediterranean and Black Sea.

– This is warm air in which the temperature on the coast increases to 20 degrees. Meanwhile, the surface water of the Baltic Sea is cooler and has a temperature of about 16-18 degrees C near the shore, and in the depths of the sea about 14 degrees C – explained the forecaster.

Marine advection fog forms when warm, moist air flows over the cooler sea surface. Interestingly, it can also form when warmer air from the sea flows over the beach. The latter case is often observed in the morning, when the sand cools down overnight and the air from the sea is warmer.

The forecaster added that sea fog is a very dangerous phenomenon. It is usually very dense and severely limits visibility, even to several dozen meters. Such conditions pose a threat to swimmers and beachgoers, who can easily lose their orientation in the area and may cause collisions between cutters and boats.

Storm Observers Network, tvnmeteo.pl

Main photo source: User of the SOB, Orzechowy, Karwia Reporting System

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