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Seasonal work abroad 2024. Directions of Poles going to work – Personnel Service report

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Germany, the Czech Republic, Sweden and Norway are the four countries to which Poles most often go for seasonal work – according to the Personnel Service report. The rates offered for seasonal workers vary, but are usually several times higher than those offered in Poland, experts say.

Poles most often go abroad for seasonal work between March and December. They mainly choose our two western neighbors, i.e. Germany and The czech republicas well as two Scandinavian countries – Sweden and Norway – according to a report published by Personnel Service, an employee recruitment company.

Seasonal work 2024. Earnings

In the Czech Republic, salaries in the production sectorand range from PLN 1.5 thousand. gross euro up to 2 thousand gross euro per month. Steel structure fitter Whether mechanic can count on approx. 2.1 thousand. gross euro. Welders they can earn approx. PLN 2.2 thousand. euro gross, and interested persons work in gastronomy (waiters or chef's assistants) earn approx. PLN 2,000. gross euro per month. IN IT sector you can count on approx. 4 thousand. gross euro per month.

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In Germany warehouse workers, production and people cleaning services they can expect monthly earnings of approx. PLN 2,200. gross euro. Medical caregivers they can earn 2.3 thousand euro gross per month. Gardening work offers over 2.6 thousand gross euro. In positions related to production of metal parts employees can earn up to approx. PLN 2.7 thousand per month. gross euro. Construction painters they earn from PLN 2.52 thousand gross euro up to 2.8 thousand gross euro per month, a road workers they receive approx. 3.1 thousand gross euro per month of work. In addition carpenters in Germany they have the opportunity to earn from PLN 2.6 thousand. gross euro up to 3.8 thousand euro gross per month. In the IT sector, rates start from PLN 3.5 thousand. gross euro up to 5.5 thousand euro gross per month – it was announced.

In Sweden, the rates offered are net amounts. Production workers can expect a monthly salary of approximately PLN 2,100. euro net, while caregivers of the elderly can earn from PLN 2.6 thousand. net euro up to 3 thousand net euro per month. Pavers they earn approx. PLN 3.6 thousand euro net, and sand workers approx. 3.8 thousand. net euro. Welding robot operators and construction reinforcers they can count on earnings in the range of PLN 3.6 thousand. – 4.2 thousand euro net on a monthly basis. Welders and fitters of steel structures can get an offer of up to PLN 4.2 thousand. euro net per month, and general construction workers – up to 4.5 thousand. net euro.

In Norway carpenters-carpenters they can expect a monthly salary ranging from PLN 3.3 thousand. up to 3.8 thousand euro net, as well as seasonal workers whose earnings range from PLN 3.5 thousand. up to 3.8 thousand net euro per month. For pavers and workers working in a slaughterhouseand monthly rates may reach approx. PLN 4,000. net euro. Ship mechanics, welders and general construction workers will earn up to PLN 4,000. euro net on a monthly basis. Plumbers The offer ranges from 4 to 4.5 thousand. net euro per month.

Seasonal work – definition

Seasonal work is performance work no longer than nine months a year. The Regulation of the Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy of December 8, 2017 regulates the types of activities considered seasonal. Seasonal work applies to those sectors of the economy in which it occurs the need to employ seasonal workers. These are industries such as catering, horticulture, hotels, tourism and agriculture.

Seasonal work may be performed abroad or in Poland. Most often it concerns activities such as:

● fruit and vegetable collection, ● animal breeding, ● renovation and construction works, ● catering services, ● tourist services.

Legal provisions they do not regulate the type of contract, which is signed when taking up seasonal work. It depends on type and working conditions. A seasonal work contract may therefore be a fixed-term employment contract, a mandate contract or a contract for specific work (i.e. civil law contracts) or a temporary employment contract.

Legal seasonal work, even if it lasted for a short time, but was performed in European Union member states, counts towards pensions. Similarly, seasonal work performed in Poland.

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