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Seasonal work – holidays 2023. Offers, industries, rates, earnings – report

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According to Gremi Personal, a seasonal worker can earn between PLN 7,000 and 10,000 a month. Most offers of such work can be found in tourism, horticulture, logistics and warehouses.

The publication points out that this year, as in previous years, the average employment in the enterprise sector increases during the holiday season. The number of seasonal job offers is also growing.

Seasonal work – how much can you earn?

According to information from the employment agency Gremi Personal, there are most of them in agriculture, horticulture, tourism, gastronomy, hotel industry, construction and warehouses.

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As indicated, the average rates are almost the same as during the year – only in HoReCa (hotel and catering sector) and gardening they can be higher by approx. PLN 2-3 per hour. For example, in horticulture, the rates start from PLN 18 net per hour, but there are also piecework offers, where you can earn from 7 to 10 thousand. monthly.

– This is a short-term job, usually 2-3 months, which is usually chosen by very young people: pupils, students, often without previous experience – indicated Anna Dzhobolda, director of the international recruitment department of Gremi Personal, quoted in the information.

She added that the rates for seasonal work are more or less the same as for other employees.

Seasonal work – 12 professions

Experts from another company recruiting Personnel Service (PS) employees have previously prepared a list of 12 professions in which it is easiest to find seasonal employment.

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Wages in seasonal work

The report points out that employees in the water tourism industry, i.e. people operating water equipment rentals, surfing, diving or sailing instructors, can earn the most. “The remuneration range for them is from PLN 25 to even PLN 50 per hour net” – informed Personnel Service.

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