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Seasonal work in the summer of 2023. “Dispatch of offers”. rates

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During the holidays, the number of jobs related to tourist traffic services will not fall and will remain at the previous year’s level, forecasts Personnel Service, adding that water tourism employees and free time animators will be able to earn the most in the summer.

Personnel Service (PS) experts have prepared a list of 12 professions in which it is easiest to find seasonal employment. “In May, a flood of offers addressed to people who are interested in seasonal work appeared on job portals” – noted the authors of the report. They pointed out that this season, work can be found, among others. in agriculture or on construction sites, in tourist destinations or in shops.

The number of jobs in tourism will not decrease

– Although this year in the season, due to the prices, we do not expect such a huge interest of tourists as in the previous one, (…) the number of jobs to handle tourist traffic will not decrease. We assume that it will be at the same level as in the previous year – assessed the labor market expert, founder of Personnel Service Krzysztof Inglot. He explained that tourists still want to rest in Poland. The report points out that employees in the water tourism industry, i.e. people operating water equipment rentals, surfing, diving or sailing instructors, can earn the most. “The remuneration range for them is from PLN 25 to even PLN 50 per hour net” – informed Personnel Service.

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Wages in seasonal workPersonnel Service

According to PS, animators conducting recreational and entertainment activities for guests of holiday resorts can also count on a good rate, earning from PLN 20 to PLN 28 per hour net.

Do you want seasonal employment? Remember about the health booklet

According to the authors of the report, the rates for babysitters and babysitters, employees of small catering establishments and employees at music festivals start from 6 pm and end at PLN 25 per hour.

– For many positions, it is necessary to have a health and safety book. (…) In addition, a sanitary booklet must be obtained by people who wash dishes or any containers that come into contact with food, water and medicines, as well as people working with children up to 6 years old, Inglot reminded.

According to PS, employees in a hotel or holiday resort can count on slightly lower wages. Their rates range from PLN 18 to PLN 24.5 per hour net and depend on the type of work performed.

“A waiter or waitress who serves customers in restaurants, cafes, bars or at outdoor events can count on a net rate of PLN 18 to PLN 24 per hour” – it was indicated. It was noted that salaries are often higher by tips.

It was added that an employee on the beach who serves sunbeds, umbrellas, rents beach equipment or takes care of maintaining cleanliness will earn from PLN 18 to PLN 24 per hour net.

The construction and agricultural industries are also looking for employees

It was emphasized that during the holidays there is no shortage of job offers not related to tourism.

“These are agricultural workers who help with the harvesting of fruit or vegetables and planting. For them, the salary range is from about PLN 18 to PLN 25 per hour net” – noted PS. A person employed in horticulture can count on similar rates.

Experts reminded that the holiday period is also used by the construction industry. “For performing various tasks related to the construction, renovation or maintenance of real estate, employees can count on a net rate of PLN 20 to even PLN 35 per hour” – they said.

They added that a seasonal worker in a store can earn between PLN 18 and PLN 22 per hour net.

Personnel Service is a company that recruits employees from Ukraine for the needs of employers in Poland, outsourcing, temporary work, as well as permanent and specialist recruitment for the IT and medical industries.

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