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Seasonal workers urgently sought. Job offers “still a lot”

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Seasonal workers are worth their weight in gold. They are most needed in resorts. Recruitment should be ending already, and there are places where the cast is still fragile. Employers are in a bind.

Seasonal workers in the tourist industry do their best to ensure that everything runs smoothly during the season. – I will set up deckchairs, I will serve people both at the tables and at the deckchairs – says Michał Rebiś, a seasonal worker at the “Bryza” hotel in Jurata. Mr. Michał is waiting for the results of his exams. He came to work on the Hel Peninsula from Kozienice in Masovia. – I’m going to study. I will most likely live in Warsaw, so I would like to have a bit of financial comfort – he explains.

In the hotel in Jurata they do not worry about the crew. Employees ensure that they are 100 percent prepared for the season. They started recruiting at the beginning of the year. Employees can count on accommodation and meals. On Kasprowy there is a job offer for guides – from the end of May to the end of September. For Marta, it is a dream job. – First of all, beautiful views, and working in such an environment is simply a distinction in my opinion – says Marta Król, guide, “Stacja Edukacja”.

Restaurateurs and hoteliers from the Polish-Belarusian border are counting lossesTVN24

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A favorable time

Holidays mean an extra million jobs. Offers may come depending on whether the season will be favorable. – There is also a trend that more people would like to earn extra money in this way. Thus, repairing the budget in a way – says Małgorzata Szczęsny, labor law expert, University of Economics in Katowice.

From July, there will be a second increase in the minimum wage in 2023. The same applies to the hourly rate, which means that during the season employees will earn at least PLN 23.50 per hour of work.

Poles finished their May trips.  Can the tourism industry be satisfied?

Poles finished their May trips. Can the tourism industry be satisfied?Dominika Ziolkowska | TVN facts

Problems of entrepreneurs

However, there are places where employees are not ready to storm customers. As they admit – they have a knife at their throat. – We need a bartender, a barmaid, a pizzeria man – warns Andrzej Schimmelpfenig from the “Checz Kaszubska” inn in Chałowo. Mr. Nazar has been working there for a year and knows that when tourists head to the seaside en masse, it will be difficult to cope with the duties in a reduced composition.

A melex driver is urgently sought in Krynica Morska. So are apartment cleaners. During the season, the demand for employees increases 4 times. – The season here is fast approaching. To be honest, we are not yet personally prepared for it – admits Daniel Mazernat, Piamola.pl Apartments.

Seasonal workers are most needed in construction, hotel industry, agriculture and gastronomy. – Jobs are shrinking, but there are still a lot of them. In fact, any hands are legitimate for us to accept – admits Karol Wagner from the Tatra Chamber of Commerce.

Author:Dominika Ziółkowska

Main photo source: TVN facts

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