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Second attempt to launch Starship from SpaceX. The most powerful rocket in the world is about to launch

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A Starship rocket is about to be launched from the test base located on Boca Chica Beach in Texas. Will the second test flight be successful?

The Starship rocket is scheduled to launch any moment now. The twenty-minute starting window will begin at 2 p.m. Polish time.

The most powerful rocket in the world

Starship is the most powerful rocket in the world. It consists of a ship and a booster called Super Heavy. Both modules together are as much as 120 meters high – it is the largest rocket ever built. The Starship is to carry astronauts to the Moon during the Artemis III mission, and eventually also take people to Mars.

SpaceX conducted the first test flight of Starship on April 20, 2023, but the rocket malfunctioned and was intentionally detonated minutes after launch.

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Main photo source: SpaceX

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