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Second round of elections in France 2024. Does the far right have a chance to take power?

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This Sunday is the day of the second round of parliamentary elections in France. A week of brutal election campaign has passed in a flash. The last hours before the election silence were dominated by calls for mobilization and mutual accusations of rivals taking part in the race for mandates in the National Assembly – Maciej Woroch reported the situation in one of the largest economies in the world.

Voting in the 501 districts where the election race was not decided in the first round begins at 8 a.m. and will last until 8 p.m. The poll results for the second round will be announced then. elections in France. In France's overseas territories, voting began on Saturday.

Watch the special program on TVN24 after the end of the second round of the parliamentary elections in France

Mutual accusations

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As Maciej Woroch, a reporter for TVN's “Fakty”, noted in his report from Paris, “the week of the brutal French election campaign before the scheduled run-off passed in a flash.”

– The last hours before the election silence in France were dominated by calls for mobilization and mutual accusations between rivals taking part in the race for seats in the National Assembly – noted Woroch.

Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, from the centrist bloc led by President Macron, warned his compatriots on Friday evening that the far-right government would “unleash hatred and violence” and urged them to vote for candidates from opposing right-wing political camps.

– His words were criticized by the leader of the National Union, Jordan Bardella, who accused the prime minister of immoral and anti-democratic behavior, and encouraged his and undecided voters to mobilize and support his party, the one that gave him a parliamentary majority – indicated the “Fakty” reporter.

In the first round of voting last Sunday, one in three French people chose the National Rally.

France. Second round of elections to the National Assembly 2024EPA/MOHAMMED BADRA Supplier: PAP/EPA.

French Elections: Will the Far Right Come to Power?

As Woroch noted, “the fight now is about whether the far right will be able to take control of the country or whether there will be a political impasse that will make life difficult for everyone here for at least a year.”

The atmosphere on the Seine became tense.” Ministry of the Interior ordered the deployment of 30,000 additional police officers to intervene if violent protests or even riots break out in Paris or other major cities following the announcement of the election results.

These fears are justified by the attacks that have taken place over the past three weeks. The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that as many as 51 people, including candidates, their deputies and party activists, were physically attacked by representatives of, as he said, extreme groups supporting various groups.

– One of the more disturbing events of this campaign is the publication of a list of almost a hundred lawyers who are to be eliminated as part of retaliation for signing a letter against the far-right party, the National Union – noted Woroch.

Second round of elections in France. Report by Maciej WorochTVN24

Polls: Far Right Wins, But Without Majority

The vote will decide who will fill the seats in the 577-seat National Assembly.

Due to the high turnout in the first round, in many places on the ballot papers in the second round there were often as many as three names.

But in most, in as many as 409 districts, after some candidates have withdrawn and transferred their support, the French will choose from two candidates. One from the far right and the other with the best chance of defeating the first.

The last polls indicate that although Marine Le Pen and her 28-year-old protégé Jordan Bardella, officially the head of an anti-European and anti-immigration group, are still convinced that they will manage to win an independent parliamentary majority, it is more likely that they will introduce around 200 deputies to parliament and then they will have no chance of taking control of France, because even in a potential coalition with smaller groups they will be short of a majority of 289 votes.

Main image source: EPA/MOHAMMED BADRA Supplier: PAP/EPA.

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