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Second round of elections in France 2024 – turnout, results

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Voting in the second round of the French parliamentary elections ended at 8 p.m. on Sunday. Exit polls show that the left-wing coalition New Popular Front in France has won the most seats, putting it on track for an unexpected victory over the far-right National Rally (RN).

Voting began at 8 a.m. and ended at 8 p.m. After the polling stations closed, exit poll results. The final results will be announced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the night from Sunday to Monday.

According to them, the most seats in the second round elections The left-wing coalition won the parliamentary seats New Popular Front in Francewhich puts it on track for an unexpected victory over the far-right National Union (RN) party. Exit polls – depending on the agency that conducted them – show different data on the number of seats won.

IFOP estimates for broadcaster TF1 indicate that The New Popular Front could win 180-215 seats in parliament in the second round of voting, while an Ipsos poll for France TV predicted 172-215 seats for the left-wing bloc. The Ipsos poll gives him 172-192 mandates. Left-wing bloc There isn't absolute majorityamounting to 289 seats.

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BBC reports that France Télévisions is awarding National Union from 120 to 160 seats. If true, this is a surprising defeat for RN, which would have taken third place. Ipsos reports that RN can count on 132 to 152 fines.

Together for the Republici.e. the coalition of the centrist Renaissance party of the incumbent President Emmanuel Macron may include from 150 to 180 seats. According to the Ipsos poll, Macron's coalition could win from 150 to 170 seats in parliament.

National Assembly supporters await announcement of second round election resultsPAP/EPA/CHRISTOPHE PETIT TESSON

Surprise in FrancePAP/EPA/ANDRE PAIN

What's next?

It is clear that France is heading towards a hung parliament, with no single bloc having a majority. The picture will become clearer in the next few hours as the actual results come in.

The result, if confirmed, would leave parliament divided into three large groups with very different platforms and no tradition of cooperation.

When the estimates were announced, there were shouts of joy and tears of relief at a left-wing alliance rally in Paris. There was a stunned silence at the far-right party's headquarters, Reuters reported.

Second round of elections in France. Report by Maciej WorochTVN24

Turnout highest since 1981

Elections were held according to the majority system. After the first round, 76 candidates had already secured their mandate and in the second round the French elected 501 deputies from among about 1,100 candidates. In most districts (over 400) the duel was between two candidates, in about 90 – between three.

Turnout in Sunday's second round at noon it was 26.63 percent – the Ministry of Interior in Paris informed. It is therefore even higher than during the first round, when 25.9 percent of French people voted by noon.

At 17 Ministry of the Interior reported that the turnout in the second round of the parliamentary elections in France was 59.71 percent. In the last election in 2022, there was a 38.11 percent turnout at 5 p.m., the highest turnout since 1981 at this time of voting day, according to the AP.

Turnout also increased compared to the first round of voting last Saturday, when it stood at 59.39 percent.

The increased turnout in the second round indicates voter mobilisation, despite the fact that the “political proposal” changed after the first round, as BFMTV indicated. More than 220 candidates who had advanced to the second round withdrew from the race to avoid a dispersion of votes against the far right, on the recommendation of their parties.

Second round of parliamentary elections in France

Second round of parliamentary elections in France TVN24, Reuters

Macron voted

Head of State Emmanuel Macron voted in the seaside town of Touquet in northern France. As he does at every vote, he chatted with the people gathered there, exchanging greetings and occasionally posing for group photos.

The second round of early elections followed Macron's unexpected dissolution of parliament.

Emmanuel Macron voted in the second round of electionsPAP/EPA/MOHAMMED BADRA/POOL

Additional police forces

As Maciej Woroch, a reporter for TVN's “Fakty”, noted in his report from Paris, “the brutal French election campaign before the planned run-off passed in a flash”. – The last hours before the election silence in France were dominated by calls for mobilization and mutual accusations between rivals taking part in the race for seats in the National Assembly – Woroch reported.

France. Second round of elections to the National Assembly 2024EPA/MOHAMMED BADRA Supplier: PAP/EPA.

The atmosphere on the Seine has become tense. The Ministry of the Interior has ordered the deployment of 30,000 additional police officers to intervene if violent protests or even riots break out in Paris or other major cities after the election results are announced.

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These fears are justified by the attacks that have taken place over the past three weeks. The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that as many as 51 people, including candidates, their deputies and party activists, were physically attacked by representatives of, as he said, extreme groups supporting various groups.

– One of the more disturbing events of this campaign is the publication of a list of almost a hundred lawyers who are to be eliminated as part of retaliation for signing a letter against the far-right party, the National Union – noted Woroch.

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Main image source: PAP/EPA/ANDRE PAIN

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