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Secret files found in a book. “He bought the country's military secrets”

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Chinese media describe the story of Zhang, a former employee of one of the state-owned companies, who, now retired, develops his interests by reading and collecting materials about the army.

As always, the man went to the flea market to read something new. In an interview with the media, he said that he paid six yuan (about 85 cents) for two bags of books about five zlotys).

However, at home it turned out that among the books there were also confidential military documents. He noted that he “didn't expect this.” Despite the surprise, he immediately reported the incident to the services, which confiscated his loot.

The Chinese found secret documents in books. “Unthinkable consequences”

An investigation began in the case, which led agents to two military men who were accused of destroying over 200 books. It turned out to be publications were not destroyed, but sold “as paper waste”which could later be redeemed for any purpose.

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The retiree's story was also shared on social media by the Chinese Ministry of Security. The man was praised for calling 911 to report the incident.

“Mr. Zhang bought the country's military secrets and brought them home, but if someone with ulterior motives bought them, the consequences would be unimaginable! – emphasized in the post.

China is becoming more and more sensitive. Anything can be confidential information

W China A social campaign is currently underway to raise awareness importance of data security rules at a time of growing tension between the state and United States.

However, the rules set by Chinese security authorities are not entirely transparent. A complicated legal system often makes it difficult to determine what really is a “state secret”.

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