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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Secular commission for crimes in the Dominican Order. Tomasz Terlikowski and Father Andrzej Kobyliński comment

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The secular commission explains the case of Paweł M., a Dominican who is in custody. In the TVN24 program, the chairman of this commission, Tomasz Terlikowski, pointed out that the order should be recognized for its willingness to solve the case, but stressed that the reaction took place only after the prosecutor’s office entered to the monastery. Father Andrzej Kobyliński emphasized that the commission investigates sexual crimes against adults. “We’ve already figured out a little Pandora’s box as far as juvenile victims are concerned, but now the committee is opening a second Pandora’s box,” he said. “Unfortunately, we will have terrifying stories here,” he admitted.

The guests of the Monday edition of “Tak jest” on TVN24 were Father Professor Andrzej Kobyliński, philosopher, ethicist and head of the Department of Ethics at UKSW, as well as journalist Tomasz Terlikowski. The latter heads a secular commission which is independent of the order and investigates the case of a Dominican father, Paweł M.. The clergyman was to use violence – including sexual – against the faithful. It was initiated against M. canonical criminal trial.March 31 The District Court in Katowice placed him under pre-trial detention also associated with sexual crimes committed by a monk. In mid-September, a committee led by Terlikowski presented its report.


Terlikowski on the activities of the Dominicans in the case of Paweł M.

Tomasz Terlikowski pointed out that “we were dealing with a certain pattern of events”. – First there’s a new victim. Later this victim reported to the prosecutor’s office. Later, the prosecutor’s office entered the Dominican monastery. Only then did the Dominicans first ask for the cooperation of the victims, and then organized a commission – he described.

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– Praise them for doing it, but let us remember that it was not the first that the problem appeared, it was remembered and decided to solve it, only the prosecutor’s office appeared first – he emphasized. – The Dominicans deserve praise for this, but it’s not that they did it, because they decided to settle accounts with the past – he repeated.


Father Kobyliński on the need to establish a “national commission”

Father Andrzej Kobyliński said that one of the victims of Paweł M. came to him. – Therefore, I have an insight into this heart of darkness, into this drama, also through the testimony of this woman. And, unfortunately, her version is exactly that there was no desire on the part of the Dominicans to clarify this matter – he emphasized.

– We will not get out of the hell and drama of clerical pedophilia in Poland, if there is no national commission for the Catholic Church, and if all cases of abuse from 1945 to 2021 are not explored – he said. – Without such a comprehensive assessment, we will still stand still, we will keep repeating the same thing – he added. Terlikowski said that he did not believe in the efficient establishment of such a national commission.

Not only pedophilia

The clergyman noticed that what the Terlikowski commission was examining were crimes committed not against minors, but against adults. – This is the category that came to us from America when it comes to vulnerable adults, “vulnerable adults.” he explained.

He enumerated that in the Catholic Church, most often the defenseless adults are, for example, seminarians in seminaries, nuns, young priests, members of religious movements, academic chaplaincies, or people with disabilities. – The most common cause that generates psychological, emotional or sexual abuse (crime – ed.) Is the relationship of service dependence – he explained.

– We have already discovered a little Pandora’s box when it comes to juvenile victims, but now Dr. “Unfortunately, we will have terrifying stories here,” he admitted.

Father Kobyliński: we will not get out of hell and the drama of clerical pedophilia in Poland, if a national commission is not establishedTVN24

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