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secular. They inspected the truck, the driver was carrying over 19 tons of illegal waste. He was to explain that he came to Poland “only to refuel”

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Officers of the Lubuskie National Revenue Administration stopped a truck filled with over 19 tons of waste coming from Germany. According to the documents, it was supposed to carry plastics and rubber. Its driver was to first explain that he was going to Poland, then that he had come to Poland only to refuel and was returning to Germany.

To stop the truck for inspection by the Customs and Tax Service officers from Lubuskie Province CASH took place at the former border crossing in Świecko. – According to the documents, it was supposed to transport plastics and rubber – informs Ewa Markowicz, spokesperson for the Tax Administration Chamber in Zielona Góra.

As he emphasizes, the garbage emitted an odor specific to municipal waste, including cardboard boxes and aluminum cans. “The driver did not have permission for such transport,” he explains. And he adds that it was about the transport of over 19 tons of illegal waste.

The truck was carrying wasteCASH

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He gave conflicting versions. They forbade him from going any further

The officers also had doubts about the destination and the method of waste processing. During the conversation with KAS officers, the driver was supposed to change versions about where he was going with the goods. – First, he explained that he was going to Poland later, that he had come to Poland only to refuel and was coming back German Markowicz explains.

The driver did not provide the necessary transport documents. Moreover, it turned out that the transport was not registered in the Electronic Transport Supervision System (SENT). The man was fined PLN 7.5 thousand and did not go further that day – the truck was stopped to clarify the matter.

Main photo source: CASH

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