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Sędziniec, Greater Poland. An explosion in a multi-family house. Conference on the causes of the disaster

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Prosecutor’s activities are underway to explain why the explosion occurred. The version about the gas explosion must be confirmed – said Michał Zieliński, the voivode of Wielkopolska in front of the multi-family building where the explosion took place on Wednesday evening. There were 10 people inside at the time of the incident, including children. According to the governor, three people are in a serious condition in the hospital.

About the explosion that took place in Sędziniec near Piła in the Greater Poland Voivodeship reported shortly after the incident. On Thursday, a press conference was held in front of the building, with the participation of, among others, the voivode of Wielkopolska, Michał Zieliński, and the commander of the fire brigade in Piła.

The voivode said that the causes of the incident are being investigated by the prosecutor’s office. He noted that the building supervision had already shut down the building at night.

Gas explosion in a multi-family building1701bert/Contact 24

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– The services were notified at 19.45. At 19.49, the operation began, in which over 70 firefighters from the State Fire Service and the Volunteer Fire Brigade took part, the voivode said.

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Three people in serious condition

He stressed that while there were 10 people inside at the time of the incident, four were injured.

– One of them, the most severely injured with burns, was transported by helicopter to a hospital in Bydgoszcz – informed the voivode. He added that doctors are to decide in the near future whether the patient’s condition allows for transport to the facility in Gryfice.

– Two other injured people are in a serious condition in the intensive care unit of the hospital in Piła. The fourth person, who was transported to the hospital ward after the incident, has already left home – said Michał Zieliński.

Explosion, then fire

Brigadier Jarosław Kołak, commander of the poviat State Fire Service in Piła, said that the rescue operation went smoothly.

An LPR helicopter landed on the spot

– Actions were taken very quickly after receiving the report. First, we focused on rescue operations and providing assistance. Then we were able to deal with the fire that was caused by the explosion, he said.

After extinguishing the fire, firefighters searched the rubble with the help of two search dogs.

– Our operations lasted about six hours and ended at two in the morning – said the commander.

Judge. An explosion in a multi-family houseEditors of Your Media

When asked about the cause of the incident, he said that “probably there was a gas explosion.”

But I’d rather stop there. The prosecutor’s office is to explain all the circumstances – he cut short.

The building is unusable

Magdalena Lewenda from the district building supervision inspectorate in Piła, who was present at the press conference, said that the building was “completely destroyed” during the explosion.

An explosion in a house in SędziniecDaniel/Kontakt24

– The activities that prosecutors perform at the scene of the incident can only be carried out with the use of heavy equipment. The building is unusable, she said.

Representatives of the Wysoka commune, where the incident took place, argued that the local government is doing everything it can to help the residents of the damaged building.

– Specialized benefits are granted, we are also preparing replacement premises. They are in the municipal resources, although we also receive proposals from private individuals – informed Anna Kukla, secretary of the municipality.

Three people remain in hospital in serious conditionTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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