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Sejm. Abortion debate. Iwona Hartwich: I was knocked out by this country

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I will say to every woman in Poland who knows that she will give birth to a seriously ill child: don't do it, said Civic Coalition MP Iwona Hartwich during Thursday's debate on draft bills on abortion. – This country knocked me out and it will knock you out too – she added. Hartwich is the mother of a son with a disability.

On Thursday, the Sejm debated four bills on abortion for six hours. There were also tensions between the right and left sides of the political scene. Several MPs also decided to share their personal experiences.

In an emotional speech, Iwona Hartwich, an MP from the Civic Coalition and mother of a disabled son, came to the podium and explained what state support looks like when taking care of a disabled child. Hartwich participated among others in a protest in March last year in the Sejmduring which guardians of adults with disabilities and people with disabilities presented a citizens' bill on social pensions.

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Iwona Hartwich during a debate in the Sejm on abortion

Hartwich: This country knocked me out, it will knock you out too

– Abortion? You're welcome, I'm in favor. I would say to every woman in Poland who knows that she will give birth to a seriously ill child: don't do it, Hartwich began.

– This country knocked me out and it will knock you out too. It will beat so much that the bruises will not go away for the rest of your life. The biggest hypocrites are the Confederates and the MP who told us about help for people with disabilities, because there is no such help – said the MP.

She later shared a personal reflection. She said that a parent who gives birth to a child with a disability in Poland “does not receive any help except PLN 4,000 for a good morning.” – Ladies and gentlemen, I had no choice, because I couldn't have this choice. A healthy pregnancy sometimes equals hypoxia and the whole package of cerebral palsy and lack of help from the state, she said.

“Families like mine are eternal beggars”

– Families like mine are eternal beggars. Beggars for everything – for school, for rehabilitation, for treatment, for 1.5 percent (tax – ed.), for plastic caps, for dignity – she admitted.

She added that she currently expects changes in the matter of social pension. – Hundreds of people with disabilities ask about it. I ask everyone in the room to take this project and this request of these people seriously. Please do not practice spychology and do not be a hypocrite like Mrs. Karina Bosak – she added at the end.

Hartwich mentions politicians by name and calls for action on behalf of people with disabilities and their familiesTVN24

Earlier, Karina Bosak (Konfederacja) talked about the sacrifice that comes with raising three children. And also about the necessary support that should be provided to every mother. – I am standing before you today because the entire discussion is extremely close to me. As a mother of three small children, as a woman who entered the Sejm a few days before giving birth, and who in this chamber, next to you, fed a newborn, I know what a sacrifice it is to be a mother and how often it may seem incompatible with others. life plans, she said.

Karina Bosak spoke on the issue of abortion. Standing ovation from Confederation MPs

Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus from the Left, deputy minister of culture and national heritage, also commented on Bosak's speech, saying that “it is not a sacrifice, it was a choice that you gave birth to three children.”

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