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Sejm. Adam Gomoła and Jarosław Kaczyński clash. Accusations of “Goebbelsian propaganda”

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During Friday's discussion on changing the abortion law, there was a dispute in the Sejm between Adam Gomoła and Jarosław Kaczyński. – Instead of ordering dinner from Mrs. Przyłębska, you ordered a sentence condemning women to be forced to heroism – said Gomoła to the PiS president. In response, Kaczyński accused him of spreading “Goebbels' propaganda.”

During Friday's session of the Sejm, MPs voted, among others: for directing everyone to further work four projects on abortion by KO, Trzecia Droga and Lewica. During the subsequent discussion, the following spoke: non-attached MP Adam Gomoła.

Gomoła to Kaczyński

– Only today, in the Sejm led by Marshal Hołownia, we managed not to reject the bill in the first reading and this is a huge success. We can finally start liberalizing abortion law in Poland, he said. – What you did with the hands of the pseudo-Tribunal (Constitutional Tribunal – ed.), which forces Polish women to heroism with its laws, was a disgrace – continued Gomoła, turning to PiS MPs, which caused shouts from some of them.

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– This is an attempt to shout out the truth of the disgrace that covered yourselves in October 2020, when, Mr. MP, instead of ordering dinner from Mrs. Magister (Julia – ed.) Przyłębska, you ordered a sentence condemning women to be forced to heroism – he said, turning to Jarosław Kaczyński.

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Kaczyński on “Goebbels' propaganda”

A few minutes later, the PiS president appeared on the parliamentary podium. – I'm turning to this young MP, I think his name is Gomoła. Well, the fact that you are young does not justify you telling this kind of nonsense, such as ordered verdicts and similar fairy tales, such very vile, disgusting, Goebbelsian propaganda – said Jarosław Kaczyński.

After these words, Gomoła asked for the floor again, and he granted it, but the Marshal of the Sejm asked not to escalate the tension, because it is a bad custom in this chamber that the discussion on women's rights and the admissibility of terminating pregnancy unfortunately reaches a stage when Goebbels and Hitlers appear. and we don't know what things yet.”

– Mr. Goebbels propaganda ended at the end of December, when we cut off the broadcast of this scoundrel on public television, and that was the end of Goebbels propaganda – Gomoła said to Kaczyński. – Abortion rights will be restored whether you like it or not, because Polish women expect it – he added.

Szymon Hołownia commented on this exchange of words between the youngest MP and the PiS president. – As long as women from different sides of the political scene debated, the debate was substantive and full of arguments. And when men started to come to the podium and give their testimonies, what we fear most in such situations began, he said.

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Main photo source: sejm.gov.pl

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