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Sejm. Colleagues in politicians’ offices – paid, but often not mentioned on the Sejm website

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MPs spend a lot of money on collaborators, which, according to the parliamentary side, they do not have. Some discrepancies in the funds collected and asset declarations are explained by oversights. It turns out that there is a whole list of politicians who act like this. There may be a loophole in the rules. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

On the Sejm’s website, Rafał Bochenek, the spokesman for Law and Justice, still does not have his associates listed. This is important, because the report on the activities of the MP’s office last year includes expenses for their salaries.

– It should be shown, I asked for it myself. I think it’s a technical issue – says Rafał Bochenek.

Maybe a technical issue, maybe by inattention or oversight – we hear from the next two PiS deputies. – I will correct it. Apparently, the employee made a mistake, someone did not notice – explains Maciej Górski. – It is simply due to inattention, because I am in my fifth term of office, three permanent employees – explains Jerzy Materna.

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Maybe the name of the section is wrong? – I have employees, not co-workers – emphasizes Andrzej Sośnierz from KP Polskie Sprawy. “The word collaborator means something else,” she points out.

Expenses of the PiS spokesman on associates. Comments from the SejmTVN24

Politicians’ finances are not transparent

MPs Sośnierz, Materna and Górski, right next to Rafał Bochenek, are the next people who do not show associates, but show expenses for their salaries. The minister of culture is in a similar situation Piotr GlinskiDeputy Minister Anna Krupka and several other PiS deputies.

– This is so disturbing that we have here non-compliance with the law by those who create this law themselves – points out Krzysztof Jakubowski from the Watchdog Polska Civic Network.

Questions also arise at the deputy marshal from PiS Ryszard Terlecki. There are expenses in the list for last year, and employees were added to the site only at the beginning of July this year.

– The Council of Europe, a group of countries against corruption, pointed out many years ago that the finances of deputies, senators and offices, deputies’ circles and clubs are not transparent – says dr hab. Grzegorz Makowski from the Foundation. Stefan Batory.

It did not show collaborators, after a while the page was updated

Among those who did not show collaborators, there was also an MP from the Civic Coalition, Elżbieta Gapińska. – I do not know why the Sejm did not enter it, because it is – says the MP, who adds that she employs one person. – I didn’t even pay attention, I’ll explain it in a moment – he assures. After talking to journalists, the website was updated. The Sejm Information Center emphasizes that deputies may have both employees and social collaborators, and that they are obliged to report these persons to the Marshal of the Sejm. Data received by the Sejm are published on the website.

– It is also a matter of disclosing potential conflicts of interest. Polish women and Poles should know whether there is nepotism – says Krzysztof Izdebski, legal expert of the Foundation. Stefan Batory.

Collaborators are also not visible in the entries of MPs Jacek Dekora and Jacek Żalek. Empty also at the MP from the club of the Polish Coalition – PSL Jacek Tomczak. These three show only expenses related to salaries paid on the basis of contracts of mandate or specific work. – Yes, people who work with me have chosen. I would gladly take them on a full-time job – says Jacek Dekora, Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment.

MP Jacek Tomczak replies that there are contradictory positions of officials regarding who should be included in the list. – It doesn’t matter, because we will complete this register – he adds.

Inquiries about regulations regarding associates

Other MEPs enter employees and, if they have, also social assistants in the “associates” column. Marshal of the Sejm Elizabeth Witek when asked about those who do not show up, she replies: “they should show up, but I think it’s an oversight.”

– Maybe this is a good reason to check whether any regulations need to be made in this respect – Kazimierz Smoliński, the chairman of the Rules, Deputies’ Affairs and Immunities Committee, wondered. After a week, when journalists return to the conversation, Kazimierz Smoliński cites the provisions of the act and the obligation to provide employees and social assistants. – Indeed, it turns out that there is a gap, that this does not apply to people employed under mandate contracts – he emphasizes.

Dr. hab. Grzegorz Makowski claims that it does not matter what the form of employment is, because this person is still an employee and must be reported. One thing is certain – the regulations need to be organized and clarified.

Main photo source: Tomasz Gzell/PAP/EPA

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