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Sejm. Jarosław Kaczyński's private security. Szymon Hołownia answers questions

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Marshal of the Sejm Szymon Hołownia assured on Friday that he would check whether “President Kaczyński continues with this private security.” – She is definitely unarmed – he noted clearly. He also explained the issue of Sejm passes for security guards, emphasizing that the Chancellery of the Sejm “simply believes the clubs” when they use the pool of passes and give them to someone.

Marshal of the Sejm Szymon Hołownia gave a statement to the media after the block of votes. During the conference, he mainly commented on the debate on draft laws regarding changes to the abortion law. He said that when women spoke, the debate was almost “exemplary” and lost its level when men spoke.

One of the journalists asked Marshal Szymon Hołownia about Jarosław Kaczyński's private security. Questions about access to the parliament building for the PiS president's private bodyguards appeared after the change of parliamentary authorities.

In November, the Marshal of the Sejm said that, in his opinion, “the Marshal's Guard and the State Protection Service, in the case of people who are entitled to this protection, are absolutely competent and sufficient units to ensure the safety of all of us on the premises of the Sejm.” He also said then that employees of private companies should not have weapons. – I consider bringing weapons into the Sejm premises by private companies as something that does not fit the standards that should prevail in this building, in this chamber, and this problem will be solved by us – he assured.

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Hołownia on Kaczyński's protection: she is definitely unarmed

Hołownia admitted on Friday that he had to ask the head of the Sejm Chancellery, Jacek Cichocki, whether security guards still enter the Sejm, but noted that “gentlemen do not bring weapons into the Sejm.” – From what I remember, they were recommended as the Law and Justice club, as assistants, (as – ed.) someone who supports the work of MPs – he explained the issue of parliamentary passes for them.

– Each club is entitled to a certain number of permanent passes to enter the Sejm – for collaborators, club employees, and these passes were probably from this pool. So far, there has been no practice of interfering (…) with who has such passes. We simply believe in the clubs, he admitted.

He added that he would look into the matter and check whether “President Kaczyński is still dealing with this private security.” – She's definitely unarmed and we know that. I am very happy that it has been checked, he emphasized.

Main photo source: Rafał Guz/PAP

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