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Sejm, new government. Włodzimierz Czarzasty about PiS and “awakening hearts”: I remember primitive strength

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Włodzimierz Czarzasty in “Kropka nad i” appealed to PiS politicians for “decency”. – It would not be normal if we treated PiS the way PiS treated us for four years – said one of the leaders of the Left. He said it was impossible for PiS to win a parliamentary majority.

He was Monika Olejnik’s guest in “Kropka nad i”. Włodzimierz Czarzastydeputy speaker of the Sejm, one of the leaders of the Left.

Czarzasty appealed to politicians PIS about “being decent”. – Imagine, ladies and gentlemen, that you can simply be decent in life. You can meet other people from the opposition for two or three weeks. You can build a decent country in a different way, said Czarzasty.

He also commented on the words of Małgorzata Gosiewska (PiS) addressed to Piotr Zgorzelski (PSL) regarding cooperation in the next Sejm. A TVN24 reporter asked today Małgorzata Gosiewska, whether he believes that “Law and Justice will rule together with the Polish People’s Party.” – Every variant is possible. For Poland, we are able to cooperate. I am convinced of this, commented Gosiewska.

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– We have already said in what direction PSL is going. This is obvious and we will not make excuses for the 159th time for something that does not exist at all – said Piotr Zgorzelski then.

“I remember that primitive strength often won”

– When I hear about the feelings awakening in the hearts of various people about the need for discussion, I remember Marshal Terlecki. I remember when he chaired the Sejm sessions (…), I remember that such primitive forces often won. The only question is, should we do the same? I think not, said Włodzimierz Czarzasty.

Włodzimierz CzarzastyTVN24

PiS in the Presidium of the Sejm? “He should get such an offer and he will.”

Monika Olejnik asked whether PiS politicians would sit in the Presidium of the Sejm. – They will definitely get such an offer, because I think it would not be normal if we treated PiS the way PiS treated us for four years. PiS has a large club, so I think it should receive such an offer and it will, said the leader of the Left.

– I also have a great request to you from PiS: give a chance to reasonable, decent and distant people – he added.

Czarzasty to Morawiecki: maybe you won’t accept the president’s nomination?

“This is not a wise move”

Czarzasty was asked who the president harmed Andrzej Duda – yourself or Mateusz Morawiecki – entrusting Morawiecki with the mission of forming a government. – For myself, for sure. This is not a wise move in my opinion, he replied.

– This is giving two weeks for things that will be largely unworthy. The president may not even have any influence on this. Firstly, during these two weeks, various employment contracts with notice periods of up to a year will be extended. Secondly, I think that documents will be destroyed. Thirdly, the president takes responsibility for all this – said Czarzasty.

– Mr. Prime Minister, maybe you could come up with such a decent and honorable solution? Maybe you should not accept the nomination for prime minister who will form the government on Monday? You won’t create it because you don’t have the majority, he said to Morawiecki.

He noted that the current prime minister “certainly is not able” to find support for the new cabinet. – I imagine that at some point he will deliver an exposé that will not be accepted and rejected. This government will not be given the mission to continue governing, said the leader of the Left.

Czarzasty: there’s no point in wasting time

He was also asked about the reasons that guided Andrzej Duda when he decided to entrust Morawiecki with the mission of forming a government.

– Regardless of what his (the president’s) reasons were, it is all very petty. This is just going against people. There’s no point in wasting time, even if he has his own little deal to make. What is a tiny interest compared to the financial resources that are waiting to come to Poland, compared to all the changes that must take place and compared to the cruel and brutal falsehood that comes from the public media – says Czarzasty.

“It’s a difficult coalition – four parties, four programs”

Czarzasty admitted that a coalition of the democratic opposition that would like to take power is “difficult.” This is why politicians propose replacing the speakers of the Sejm and Senate in the middle of the term.

– We have agreed that both in the Senate and in the Sejm it will be possible to replace the marshals in the middle of the term. (…) This is because it is actually a difficult coalition – four parties, four programs, four options for different actions – admitted the leader of the Left.

– We get along well, in a really responsible way. To arrange all this, we used the patterns of the European Union, where there are changes in some positions in the middle of a term of office – he explained.

He assured that opposition representatives would provide details on Friday, November 10. “We want to approach this very sensibly,” he said.

“The Left supports the dissolution of the Institute of National Remembrance”

The leader of the Left admitted that he supported the liquidation of the Institute of National Remembrance. – The left is in favor of dissolving the Institute of National Remembrance, but I think it will not happen. We are quite consistent in this, because we were the only party that voted against the establishment of the Institute of National Remembrance. I believe that the IPN’s investigative department should move to the prosecutor’s office, and the IPN, when it comes to the historical element, should simply work on Polish history and objectively show all its shades, without hiding anything, he said.

Main photo source: TVN24

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